Turbo DX014
Century V

Turbo Recordings bursts with pride at the mere thought of presenting its latest compilation of recent label highlights. Featuring Tiga, ZZT, Azari & III, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Matthew Herbert, Gesaffelstein, Duke Dumont, Clouds, and many more.

Sometimes it seems like it could take a hundred years to fully enjoy the music for which Turbo is responsible for putting out for you to listen to for the purposes of fun and dancing, and this is one of those times. The label’s masterminds have hand-picked and ear-vetted the top tracks from Turbo 101 to 125, a period spanning over two years and countless lives enriched on or near the world’s dancefloors.

The best of the first 25 releases of the new Turbo Century features everyone from label chairman/bedman Tiga to world-cherished house darlings Azari & III to dark French electro prince Gesaffelstein, and showcases the roster’s new cadre of emerging superstars like UK chart-topper Duke Dumont and young Scottish prodigies Clouds. The compilation also highlights the best of the label’s oft-vaunted remix packs, with artists the caliber of Matthew Herbert, Jamie Jones, and Maceo Plex reworking Turbo artists.

Turbo Century V. Relive an era that will live on forever…today.