Sei A is one of the most exciting producers and songwriters in the often-boringworld of modern techno-house-whatever. When Tiga first sent me the album ‘Editing Shadows’ after finding it randomly during what he refers to as “aBeatport Walkabout”, I didn’t really ‘get it’ on first listen. This is probably because I just scanned it on laptop speakers trying to detect hit-factor using my usually infallible A&R brainpan. Upon repeat listens, I totally fell in love with it, and that, dear reader, is a very important sign, one worthy of all the italics I can muster. It means it had something truly different, something special, something I didn’t quite understand at first.

“Soul Alarm” is one of the most moving, psychedelic, inspired pieces of electronic music in years. There, I said it. Even after the critical acclaim the album has received, most accolades focused on the single “Smile For Me” – which is admittedly great – but there’s so much more. ‘My World’ is another amazingly immersive, romantic, beautiful piece of music. AND you can dance to it. Can you really say the same about Rod Stewart’s “Downtown Train”?

No wonder the album earned him the respect and support of a wide range of industry big shots like DJ Hell, Laurent Garnier, Ben Watt, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, James Zabiela and Tiga. That cross-section speaks to the scope of his music: a sound filled with rich textures, moody atmospheres, subtle psychedelia and haunting vocals; characterized by an instinctual gift for melody and a sincere, idealistic romantic flair. This isn’t bullshit PR speak… this is the unvarnished, italicized truth.

I listened to this album with my girlfriend after some hot house-yoga and it passed every psychic test on every level…that’s putting it into the heavyweight, approaching-Aphex category. It’s deep, it’s sexy, it’s intelligent. I guess the only challenge it faces is accessibility, and that’s really up to you.

Enough about the old releases, which, by the way, include singles on Seinan Music, Urban Torque, Buzzin’ Fly, Tronicsole, and, of course, Missive. A brilliant new album is currently in production and slated for release on Turbo Recordings in 2010. An incredible (and DJ-friendly) single ‘LAZERS’ will be outsoon, and his excellent remixes of Jori Hulkkonen and Tiga will build the anticipation until then.

As a veteran A&R man at Turbo, and on behalf of Tiga, we are overjoyed to be working with such an amazing young talent. The great thing about truly believing in an artist is knowing that their best is yet to come, so stay tuned!


Thomas Von Party