Autarkic DJ Mix for Turbo

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Autarkic recorded a wonky DJ mix for us, in guise of an introduction to the Turbo Recordings family.

He wrote a little statement regarding his music and forthcoming EP:

“My music is often described as “New Wave”, “Cold Wave”, “Dark Wave” and so on… The truth is that i am a bad swimmer, so being on a wave can be a horrifying experience.

I understand it is easier for people to categorise and i respect that, though i don’t see myself surfing on any wave but my own little wave where i can decide to which direction I’m going to.

‘Rotation! Rotation!’ is another phase of mine. I see it as a more gentle side of me and less of a celebration of stiffness. Songs like ‘I know’, ‘I am the clone?’ are good examples for that.

I want to bring the real me to every song or production i make, and that is the only question i ask myself before releasing new music to the world.

I hope most of the people will enjoy listening to the record like i enjoyed making it.”

His ‘Rotation! Rotation!’ EP drops July 29th on Turbo and can be pre-ordered here: TurboRec.lnk.to/RotationRotation