Behind the lens with Dimitri Veimar

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Dimitri Veimar

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Turbo 195 welcomes back Russia’s Dimitri Veimar following his ‘Less Talk’ EP back in May. The ‘Agung’ EP features four cuts on the 12″ and a digital extra. It’s already picking up strong supports from across the board, winning favour with the likes Dave Clarke, Job Jobse, Charlotte de Witte, Justin Cudmore, Groove Armada and more.  Ahead of the record’s release Dimitri talks us through his other love; photography, sharing a collection of his latest shots. What’s more, you can now check out the first full play from the release in title track “Agung”.  

Dimitri, welcome back! People may not be aware that you’re an avid photographer in addition to being a studio wizard. Talk us through the selection of images you’ve shared with us!

The idea behind these photos is pretty simple as my music. I was very inspired by Terry Richardson but in my vision I’d like to make it with a bit of Russian taste. Like making my own filter and amp through the whole photo session. My lovely girlfriend Darina inspired me to make this all started and happened.

What role did Darina have in the shoot?

She’s a great photographer and I found her as a brilliant model for my shootings. also she’d shown me how to take photo right because before i had a lot of shootings never been posted anywhere. there’re few rules that i’m following in my shootings.

Is there a connection between your photography and your music?

I don’t like to make a nude boring pictures with a lot of photoshop. It’s too plastic so I’m using flash all the time. A bit of lingerie or seminaked breast or bum never hurt anyone. You can bend model as you like she still looks amazing on a camera. I also following that rule in my production – no plastic sounding. make it as raw as possible. it’s always a pair shootings, which I think is more difficult because you have to make an ideal connection between models in front of camera to do a great pictures.

What does the future hold for your photography?

Of course it’s all for fun but i’m collaborating with clothing and lingerie brands and already have a bookings for me as a photographer, i’d like to serve it with a bit of soviet union 80’s sexy sauce. the time when everything was much more wilder than now but still beautiful and elegance at the same time.

Dimitri Veimar’s ‘Agung’ EP is out December 15th. Pre-order here.