Behind The Making Of ‘Hurt Me’ with Viers

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Leeds artist Viers made his label debut in September, inaugurating our brand new series of techno 12-inches. The UK producer delivered a relentless four tracker for the occasion. Catching up with him for a brief chat this week, he took us through the making of the record and the origins of his affinity for the label. What’s more, he’s dropped a fresh mix for the 23rd episode of Radio Turbo, check it out below.

Jordon, how was your summer? Any standout shows?

Had a real nice summer thanks. Played a few very cool little shows including a great queer sunday rave in LDN called FOMO and the Sweip Swap stage on a lake at Solar.

Are you active in the Leeds nightlife scene? What parties are doing it for you there?

Dunno about active i go out to a few partys, never really felt like ive been part of the scene here or anything. Mostly find myself following the residents of Love Muscle (https://www.facebook.com/lov3muscl3/) And Flesh In Tension (https://www.facebook.com/fleshintension/) around to most the partys they play at, best residents/DJs in Leeds. Also haven’t been in a while but Cosmic Slop and Slut Drop are both real sweet partys.

Set the scene for us… where and when did you produce the ‘Hurt Me’ EP?

I made the A-Side the week after seeing SPFDJ and Sayang at Flesh In Tension. Got real inspired after seeing some seriously hard shit getting thrown down there. the B-side is a little harder to trace since they are a bit older tracks, but i feel they are a little more stylistacly in tune with what ive made in the past as “Viers”.

What kind of gear did you use?

I have one KRK Rokit 6 (Literally just the one) and a laptop with Ableton and a bunch of free VSTs. Pretty simple stuff and not really the studio of dreams but i feel like it works for me.

Is there a particular feeling that you’re trying to communicate or manifest with the EP?

Mostly just wanna make some shit that bangs in the club

You’ve just made your Turbo debut. How did you first encounter the label?

Probably way back in ’04 when fidget/blog/electro house was the big shit, but really rediscoverd the label a bit older and more mature around the time Sei A and Gesaffelstein were releasing.

What is the first the first Turbo record you heard?

God maybe Proxy – Raven? i think i was like 15 at the time, reckon u could still play that tune and it would bang. All these young’uns dont know what they missed.

What else can we expect from you over the coming months?

Finishing up tunes for Steel City Dance Discs and Figure. Making more tunes i dont know what to do with, going to a few partys, playing a few partys, y’know the usual 😉

Viers – ‘Hurt Me’ EP out now on vinyl and digital. Get it here