Behind the making of ‘Less Talk’ with Dimitri Veimar

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Dimitri Veimar

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Russian producer/dj Dimitri Veimar made his long-awaited full Turbo debut last week, stepping up to the plate with release 189 in the form of five tracker ‘Less Talk’. It’s 12″ vinyl and digital release follows appearances from Veimar on the likes of Berlin’s Renate Schallplatten and Danny Daze’s Omnidisc label. Talking with Turbo HQ this week, he took us through the world of DV, his feelings for Donald Trump and more…

Dimitri, it’s a pleasure! What’s going on in your world right now?

As a half russian half german guy i love just 5 things in my life:
1. caviar on the top
2. speculation in minerals
3. fast full wheel drive cars
4. fat free high heels
5. acid haus
and if i can choose in what kind of world i’d love to live trump’s or feminist i’d say i choose gay world, because it’s colorful, fancy, chaotic, beauty, outrageous and always fucked up. it’s true.
Relying on this simple rules i’ve tried to make an EP for Turbo and if you go through you’ll hear a lot of fucked up acid lines.

Less Talk leads the record. What can you tell us about the track?

The track “Less Talk” has been made after i saw the Trump’s interview in his fancy bus where he was saying ….grab them by the pussy. he’s a total freak. it’s true.

Track 2 shouts out the Ukraine, what’s your connection with Kiev?

I used to be a big fan of the Ukrainian electronic and pop scene. And their girls are really hot, also the best pop music in Russia comes from Ukraine, so the second track “Respect, Kiev!” is my appreciation to our brothers and sisters. Especially in this time when the cunts in suits trying to push us for a struggle between each other. this is shame. it’s true.

Can you share with us the central message behind the release?

It might looks like the whole EP inspired by some sort of political and geo political issues so it makes sense because of my day job where i have to read a lot of news, charts, indexes and etc. of course this affects me and i’m tryng to stay clear, colorful, fancy, chaotic, beauty, outrageous and always fucked up. We all just need a less talk i reckon.

Dimitri Veimar – Less Talk EP is out now on Digital & 12″ Vinyl: turborec.lnk.to/lesstalk