Behind The Making Of ‘Psychout’: An Interview with Carlo Lio

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Toronto’s finest Carlo Lio is a debutant on Twin Turbo this month, featuring a raucous mind-warping two tracker in club-ready weapons ‘Psychout’ and ‘All She Wants’. We had the pleasure of catching up with Canadian producer to get his insight into the release and an update on this Summer season so far…

Carlo Lio – ‘Psychout’ is out now. Stream/Download here.

Great to have you here Carlo!

thanks! my pleasure 🙂

Your Turbo debut ‘Psychout’ is set for release on August 4th. What are you most excited about for this release?

I’m most excited to actually have a release on TURBO! Its been such an inspirational label to me since as early as i can remember. So to actually release on the label is definitely something very special to me.

Where did you produce the tracks and what was running through your mind at the time?

These 2 tracks were actually made on the road. I don’t usually make music when I’m traveling, but i just had the itch and inspiration at the time. I was coming off a weekend of amazing shows and my mind was full of ideas.

Can you tell us about some of the key production tools that went into the process?

These tracks were both made with a few go to plugins of mine. AudioRealism TB-303, Rob Papen Suboom Bass and DIVA. My vision was to make these tracks tooly but having them consistently build throughout using just minor add ons.

What’s the most useful top you’ve picked up recently in the studio?

I’ve recently just added KORG Minilogue.

You’ve been very busy touring this Summer, what have your highlights been so far?

Yes i have, some key highlights have been the ULTRA Resistance shows in Korea & Singapore, GEM Fest in Anklia, LOST Beach in Ecuador and Terrazza Arrayan in Chile.

Tell us about the Rawthentic project.

Rawthentic is a a label i have had for 10 years. Originally started by my bro Nathan Barato. I ran it alone for a while after we separated, and as touring got a bit more hectic i couldn’t give it the love it deserved. So now me and Nathan are back together and at great point in our careers so we’re excited to relaunch our baby hopefully by early 2018!

Of course, you’re a father now also. How do you find time for yourself between travelling, performing, producing, the label, your cats and everything else?

Yes i mean this was something i was worried about! I found it hard to leave my cats in the past, so imagine a child? It hasn’t been easy for me because i miss him so much on the road. I’ve made it a point to fly home more and not spend months away like I used to. It’s something that will get harder as he gets older but we will make it work. Thank god for Skype and FaceTime because without it I’d probably go crazy.

Has having a child changed your approach at all to how you operate?

Of course! I have to think twice before i make any decisions. But its also a big positive as it’s giving me a whole new level of motivation on life. I’m hungrier and more committed then I’ve ever been. Not to mention a new world of inspiration to become a better artist and person.

Your hometown Toronto is a vibrant city. Music wise, what’s been popping up on your local radar recently?

Yes YYZ is my home and i love it here. Toronto has always been popping since i can remember. Recently our main club CODA is still on fire, and the ELECTRIC ISLAND parties have set a new bar for the city.

Before we let you go! What else have you got coming up on the horizon?

I have an ep coming on INMOTION Records, a single on Dubfires new 10 YEARS Of SCITEC Comp. A remix on Hot Creations, and a few other tricks in the bag which i’ll reveal a bit later! Thanks for having me!