Behind the ‘Speaker Sounds’: An Interview with Portland-based Vakkuum

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The 48th release on our Twin Turbo imprint hosts two ‘raw textural thumpers’ courtesy of rising Portland-based producer Vakkuum. The budding artist has been catching all the right eyes and ears of late, seeing support in recent times from the likes of Danny Daze, Dense & Pika, Brodinski and, of course, label boss Tiga. Our chat with Vakkuum took us through the creative process behind the new EP, his top Turbos of all time and his next step.

Wyatt, how are you this week? What’s been on your schedule?

I’m doing great. I’ve been gearing up for the release of my EP and getting tracks ready for my first show in Seattle this weekend.

What are the most exciting things happening in Vermont right now?

I actually just moved to the west coast a few months ago. I’m currently living in Portland, Oregon. There’s so much beautiful nature in and around the city to explore. I’m a huge fan of the natural world and herbal medicine. Having access to it is a must for me. The electronic music scene in Portland is great as well. There are some awesome people here doing some great things. It’s only going to get better.

You’ve just made your full label debut but first off, tell us a bit about how you first encountered the label?

I came across Turbo back in 2007 when I was taking the bus to Montreal from Vermont pretty frequently. I remember watching Tiga perform one time at S.A.T. right before the ZZT album dropped and that really blew my mind.

Tell us about the creative process behind the new EP.

I started ‘Speaker Sounds’ after a show at Stereo in Montreal. I was pumped full of club adrenaline. I had the idea in my head and I knew I had to get to work as soon as I got home. The whole track took about a day to finish and I barely slept, haha. The B side “Break the Mold” was meant to be more of an dj tool. I tried a lot of variations on it. In the end I decided to keep it stripped down and raw. i like to think of it as a match that ignites a fire. When you hear it in the club you know things are going to escalate from there.

Can you could describe the release for us in three words?

Raw textural thumpers

You’ve had a bunch of massive supports from the likes of Danny Daze, Dense & Pika, Brodinski and, of course, label boss Tiga. What kind of impact does that have on an emerging artist?

It truly feels amazing. A lot of those artists I grew up admiring, so you can imagine the feeling when I see or hear them playing a track I produced.

Can you share with us your top 3 turbo tracks of all time?

Tiga & Jori Holkkonen – Trust Your Body (John Roman Remix) – Hits in all the right places. Still play this one out from time to time if the mood is right.

Bodo Elsel – Mein Haus – Old school sounding acid house thumper with a man speaking German. What’s not to love?

Clouds – Consciousness – Timeless heavy hitter with great textures and a David Lynch sample.

What else can we expect from you over the coming months?

I’m working on finishing new material at the moment. I’ll have a remix coming out later this year on Turbo for Tiga as well.

Twin Turbo 048 | Vakkuum – Speaker Sounds EP is out now. Stream / Download:  https://turborec.lnk.to/SpeakerSounds