BETON Braced For Twin Turbo Debut [Interview + Premiere]

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The raucous Directions / Keep Breathin’ EP from BETON drops February 16th on Twin Turbo. It’s already making plays for one of the standout releases of the year for our digital imprint, drawing heavy support from the likes of Tiga, Adam Beyer, Laurent Garnier and lots more. We had the pleasure of catching the mysterious Belgium-based producer/dj for some Q&A action this week. What’s more, you can check ‘Keep Breathin’‘ with DJ Deeon in full along with a selection of exclusive photography from the rising artist.

Turbo: Welcome Beton! The Twin Turbo debut ‘Directions / Keep Breathin’ lands on the label on February 16th. What does this two-track ensemble symbolize for you?

I think it gives a good feeling of what my interests are at the moment. They are both slightly different but in the same world.

Turbo: You’re embarking on the early steps of Beton’s journey in music. What is the vision guiding this artist project?

Straight forward energetic and uncomplicated tracks that I would enjoy dancing too.

Turbo: ‘Directions’ centers itself around a classic vocal from Wevie Stonder. Can you share with us the story behind the track?

10 years ago I was listening to a dj set from a somebody called Jerome Hill nearly every day and somewhere in this mix I heard this strange vocal that really captured my imagination. It took me years to track it down and when I finally got it I saved it with the idea to one day make something with it but only when I thought I had something to do it justice.

Turbo: Can you talk us through some of the key production tools that went into the EP?

I don’t like to give away what I use exactly but I have used very basic tools to make this ep. What I can say is that I used many compressors and reverbs to create this feel. I use whatever I find that does the job . They are like the word describes ”tools. If you crossed a river on a boat you wouldn’t carry the boat around either.

Turbo: Your camera work shares a similarly dark tone to your music, where did your appreciation for photography stem from?

Science fiction movies are the biggest reason. The cinematography in these movies interests me. The buildings, the streets, the rooms, the feel… I was looking for a way to see more of this and with the camera it allows me to focus on elements in my surroundings and pluck them out of the world and transform them into a different reality.

Turbo: If you could have an extra 4 hours in the day, what would you spend it doing?

Meditating and spending more time with people i care about.

Turbo: Is there one thing in music or life you’d like to see change in 2018?

Social media. I think it could be used better with more benefits. Right now those things are made in such a way that it makes you addicted and draws you in again and again for another dopamine hit. You can easily spend an entire day getting sucked into that world.

Turbo: What do you hope the rest of 2018 has in store for Beton?

I hope to create more music that satisfies me and enjoying the process more purely. Sometimes expectations can come in the way and make it stressful.

BETON – Directions / Keep Breathin EP will be out digitally on February 16th, and on limited 12” vinyl March 2nd. Pre-order here

As an exquisite appetiser to the release, BETON delivered an exclusive sixty minute session for our Radio Turbo series last week. Tune in below.