Catching up with General Ludd

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We caught up with General Ludd from Glasgow ahead of the Turbo 176 release this Friday. Make sure you check out their remix of Acid Bitchez below.

1. How was 2015 for you? What were some of the highlights?

2015 was great, we spent a lot of time working in the studio on new material, threw some parties with some of our favorite producers including DJ Marfox and DJ Firmeza and put out two records with our friends Mr Saturday Night and Ten Thousand Yen.

2. Glasgow has recently come to our attention as a fertile breeding ground for talented producers and pretty wild partygoers alike. Why do you think that is?

People really like music in Glasgow and partying – it’s part of the atmosphere in the city –

You could speculate on how the economies of post industrial cities create fertile environments for people to be creative because of lower rents blah blah blah but that’s already changing as people are being priced out of areas in the city!

3. How do you approach working as a duo in the studio?

It really depends – We mostly work in unison, we hit record and jam out ideas with automated machines and live mixing techniques. We’ll then go in and edit down what we’ve captured and overdub. Other times we’ll work separately and then come together to make final mixes and edits.

4. Which song has been really doing it in your sets lately?

Tom – Axel Boman’s Nokturn is the first newer thing that springs to mind, he’s engineered something thats not dissimilar to what we set out to achieve in our productions.

Richard – Joey Beltram’s chairlift – still does it for me- even though it’s a classic, it still makes me dream about the future

5. What are your plans for 2016?

We’ll be releasing two or three records the first half of the year, we’re off to Hong Kong at the end of the month, some parties in London and some European dates in the summer.