Catching up with Joeski

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We caught up with DJ/Producer Joeski, who’s got a remix coming out on the ‘Thinking About Acid Remixes’ EP dropping this Friday.

You and Tiga go way back to the early 90’s rave days. Can you tell us a little bit about the events you guys were playing together back then?

Man those were the days!  Warehouse events pulling in big numbers for the underground. What I remember most was the vibe was so thick and the energy was insane. Smiles on faces all over the dance floor.  Have not seen anything like that in in recent years.

What kind of music were you guys playing at that time? (specific example would be great)

A mix of House, Progressive house, Techno, Breaks, that was back when the genres actually made sense lol.

What’s a crucial part of your studio workflow these days? Any favourite toys?

Logic X i still use a lot of my outboard gear analog console, synths way to many to mention

What advice would you give to a producer who’s just starting out?

Find your sound and when you do, focus on developing it to the fullest!

What are your goals for 2016?

Keep doing what I am doing! Consistently producing and playing the music i love! 🙂