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Zombie Nation

Ahead of his forthcoming EP release on Twin Turbo titled ‘Something Else’, we caught up with Zombie Nation to see what he’s been up to lately. Press play on the DJ mix below and read on!

1. How was 2015 for you? What were some of the highlights?

After dealing with quite a few real life things, I found more time last year to just make music without thinking of anything else.

And also in 2015 I created the perfect studio for the purpose. It’s like a personal playground dungeon. The sound is great, everything just works.

2. How does life in Brooklyn compare to Munich? 

I realize that don’t think about that question too much. I guess I am too busy with the daily hustle. NYC a great place to be, a bit more rough around the edges. When you change the backdrop for your life you get reminded that life is really what you make of it. In NYC the spectrum of characters is wider and that makes it a very refreshing experience also in daily life. But in my heart I will always be a European.

3. Since you’ve opened up your music to live remixing by releasing it in STEMS format, are you a little bit afraid of what might come out of it?

Not at all. I see these songs as a proposal, not a definite statement. Someone else might have something to add and there is always a way to make it pop more. For example I noticed yesterday that ‘Something else’ could have used a high arpeggio like sound a bit later in the song. Now if someone prefers a different drum sound they can just switch it themselves.

(click for more info on STEMS)

4. Which song do you absolutely love at the moment? (any genre)

5. What are your plans for 2016?

Cut out the bullshit and make music. Simple as that. I want to make a slow motion music project – and I want to do more collaborations. Besides that I plan to eat more radishes  – those things are delicious!

Make sure to check out Zombie’s ‘Something Else’ EP out January 2nd:

Find out more info about the EP by clicking HERE

Zombie Nation – DJ Mix 02/16


01. WonderNature feat. Jaw – Play it loud
02. Joyce Muniz – Your Lies Told Me The Truth
03. Funkwerkstatt – Melodie für Millionen // Anthik & Felipe Puertes remix
04. Weiss – She Said
05. Sharam Jey & Daniel fernandes – Got Ur Back_ZCM
06. Billy Kenny, Abby Jane – I Operate
07. Upercent – Spaceman
08. Blank Spanner – 126.5 BPM
09. Christian Nielsen – Get With You
10. Zia – Recall
11. Hunter_Game – The Path
12. Raumakustik – Raider
13. MATRiXXMAN – The Sigil (David Mayer Remix)
14. Damian Lazarus, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Vermillion (&ME Remix)
15. Coyu – Sex Is Drama
16. Zombie Nation – Horsework
17. Destructo & Bot – Carmada remix
18. McLean & Mai – Octo
19. Zombie Nation – Workhorse
20. Weiss – Rollin
21. Fulgeance -The Phoenix (Dollkraut remix)