Charlotte de Witte’s Top Turbos

Charlotte de Witte picks her Top 3 Turbo records of all times.

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1. Tiga – Let’s Go Dancing (Adam Beyer Remix)
Fell totally in love with the original track as soon as it got released but being a techno fan and following the Drumcode label, it’s needless to say that this Adam Beyer Remix pleases me a lot. It also works really, really good on the dancefloor. People just love it.

2. Harvard Bass – Chalk (Original Mix)
I used to play this track a lot when I was in the transition from being an Electro DJ to being a Techno DJ. I used to play a lot of Harvard Bass’ tracks since they’re a perfect blend of the two genres I was playing at that time. It’s been a while since I’ve heard this track, and it made my think of the early days, filled with good memories.

3. Suuns – 2020 (JoeFarr Remix)
The odd one out. To be honest, I don’t know what it is, but this remix always had a tendency to grab my attention. It simply touches me.
I’m a big fan of JoeFarr’s industrial, nasty techno sounds and especially at this tempo, I think the outcome is really powerful.