Checking in with Kenny Glasgow

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Toronto legend and Art Department magician Kenny Glasgow made his first appearance on Turbo way back in 2001, delivering the classic Toronto Mix Sessions. 2020 sees him return to the label for his first stand alone release with the four track ‘Mean Machine’ EP. We took the opportunity to catch up, looking back on the early years and discussing Kenny’s pandemic experience.

Turbo: Thanks for joining us Kenny, we’re so happy to finally have you do a standalone release on the label. What can you tell us about your relationship with the label? What are some of your earliest memories?

Hello Turbo and thanks for having me. My early memories of Turbo would have to be when i first heard Tiga’s Mixed Emotions CD. That CD changed a lot for me musically and was my introduction to electro and the Turbo the label. Soon after, while at the WMC in Miami that year, Tiga asked me to do the Toronto mixed sessions for His label Turbo and the rest as they say, is history.

Turbo: What were things like when you did the Toronto Mix Sessions for us back in 2001?

In 2001 the scene in Toronto was thriving and growing in many different ways. By this time house music and techno were being played in clubs instead of warehouse spaces and had a large enough following to keep it alive till today.

Turbo: What’s the dance music community been like in Toronto over the last few years? Is it holding strong through COVID?

The dance music community has always been strong in Toronto. I mean, I have been djing since 89′ and have seen it flourish into what it is now. There are only a few clubs that I know of that keep it real musically and attract a decent to great crowd of music enthusiasts and party goers, and really thats all us djs need. Obviously and unfortunately since plagued with the COVID 19 virus we, like the rest of the world, have to stay positive while we put our urges to party on the side knowing that one day soon we will be able to party and enjoy each other’s company once again.

Turbo: How do you feel now that you haven’t been on a road for a few months? Are you restless to get back on tour or finding peace in the down time?

Im not gonna lie, I’ve really really enjoyed the downtime off the road and not having to go through the shitty process of getting to my gigs. I’m speaking mainly about airports and flying, the dj’s necessary evil. For me the downtime of not touring weekly, means overtime in the studio. That being said…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! IM READY TO GET BACK TO TOURING!

Turbo: Has being home a lot influenced your creative process/output?

With all the extra time I now have, I’ve been able to dive really deep into the machines in my studio and learn how to use them to the best of their abilities, which in turn means better sounding music being produced.

Turbo: What else can we expect from you over the coming months?

With hopes that this pandemic ends sooner than later, and I’m back on the road touring, I’m currently working on completing two EP’s and hoping to finish my full length album by early next year.

Out Now: Kenny Glasgow – Mean Machine – Stream/Download here.