Dancing Right: In Depth with ABSOLUTE.

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After a thrilling label debut with ‘Harmony’ just six months ago, London hotshot ABSOLUTE. is back on Twin Turbo. He has undoubtedly proved himself one of the most exciting breakout talents in 2018. The UK producer has also gone on to remix the likes of Maya Jane Coles and Tiga. His latest endeavour on Twin Turbo is the four-track ‘Malfunction’ EP and it hasn’t wasted time in picking up a legion of support with big love from Mixmag and heavyweight artists like MJC, The Black Madonna, Dusky, Boys Noize & more. We had the opportunity to catch up with ABSOLUTE. this week and talk shop.


Great to have you back with us Anthony! How has life in London changed since the release of ‘Harmony’ six months ago?

So good to be back! It feels like things have really kicked into gear since the last release, the hard work feels like its paying off which I’m feeling very grateful for. Just over the next couple of weeks I’m playing with Maya Jane Coles, Charlotte De Witte, Audion, Wax Wings and La Fleur for Halloween at E1 in London, then the week after Hot Since 82 at SWG3 in Glasgow with some radio spots on Rinse FM too. A lot of my family are Scottish so that show will be special, most of my family there have never seen me play so lets hope my aunties like techno! 

There’s also been some big movements behind the scenes too which has helped make some plans for next year more of a reality. 

Many will be aware of your heavy involvement in the UK scene. How healthy is it in London right now?

London feels in a more vibrant spot with some great venues opening, new club The Fold in particular, who have 24 hour license and just had Miss Kitten and The Hacker play, it sounds like they have some other exciting projects and venues bubbling which I’m looking forward to. Besides from a few nights it did go through a bit of a stale patch, it feels like its in bloom again – which is obviously all thanks to this new EP! 

There have been movements brewing to support greater diversity in electronic music and club culture. From your view, is it making any impact?  

Any attempt to equalise and promote diversity is obviously a good thing, there is still a way to go and we need to keep being conscious of all genders, races and sexualities when booking events. Parties are best when there’s a mix of everyone from all walks of life coming together, as long as everyone is respectful. 

Are safe club spaces easy to come by in your opinion?

In London there are a lot, so we’re lucky, its all about the crowd and staff, its something you only notice when its not there. Its such a basic thing, but when everyone feels safe from any type of harassment is when their inhibitions go and the really fun shit happens. 

You make your return to Turbo this October with four original cuts in the ‘Malfunction’ EP. Some huge names like Maya Jane Coles, Heidi, Dense & Pika, Black Madonna and Dave Clarke supporting the music. Does that give you an indication that you’re doing something right?

I’ve genuinely been blown away by the amount of support on this EP, so many of the people I really respect and admire giving their support is an incredible feeling and something I’m so grateful for, especially as this is the second or third time they’ve supported. It definitely motivates me to be in the studio as much as possible and push things further, there’s lots more to come! 

Maya Jane Coles has been a big supporter of your music. What can you tell us about that relationship?

Maya is the best, I adore her as a close friend and an artist and have so much respect and love for her. I’m really lucky to be surrounded and supported by some amazing people. 

Delving into the production process itself. What are the core essentials you’ve used to craft the EP? 

Everything is running through Ableton and then I have some analog gear that I use alongside it. All the synth sounds on the track Malfunction are from the Moog Sub 37 which I really love for basses and some twisted leads, it tends to make its way into most of the productions. I also use the Prophet Rev 2 by Dave Smith for pads, strings and leads. Assimilate uses sounds from the TB303 which have been sampled and then played around with in Ableton. I have a  selection of old drum machines that have been meticulously sampled through more analog hardware, then set up in Ableton as instruments which play via the Arturia Beatstep Pro. I tend to use that on most of my productions too. I also use distortion in varying amounts on pretty much everything. 

December will see you on tour down under. What’s coming on the Australia run?

I love Australia and have such a nice crew there, its looking like a three week tour at some venues and festivals that I really respect there, a highlight is one of the bigger festivals on NYE, we’re announcing it all at the end of the month via Insta @absoluteishere and Facebook @absolutesounds 

Looking forward, what would make for the ideal finish to 2018 for you?

To have my live show ready for 2019. More events with the people I’ve met and loved along the way, The Black Madonna, Tiga and of course Maya. Then just some super casual stuff like a Beatport No.1,  Radio 1 Essential Mix and the cover of Mixmag and i-D.  

ABSOLUTE. ‘Malfunction’ EP is out now on Twin Turbo. Stream/Download here