Behind ‘A Baker’s Shit Ton’: An Interview with Gilmer Galibard

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Ahead of the release of his new Turbo 182 EP ‘A Baker’s Shit Ton’ on vinyl and digital on October 14th, Canary Islands-based producer Gilmer Galibard takes the time to explain his creative process while also sharing some expert tips and touching on the instrumental tools used to put the record together.

Talk to us about some of the key production tools behind the new EP.

Well, conceptually tbh, I wanted to make a hard organic techno EP because my last ep “Lost Tapes [Mörk]” was more contemporary and vintage influences from detroit, and when I started doing the EP I was influenced by the british industrial techno scene. Also I’m from Canary Islands, very near to Africa, so the tribal percussions are always inside me and my productions in some way.

One of key production tool behind the EP was the personallty way of this techno, I learned a lot about small detalis, how a small sample in the right position change the groove of the track and make it special, how a stupid melody ( I use a lot the taiko drums to create drum patterns like a melody) may sound awful, but accompanied by a good kick change completely.

Other key was very simple: “enjoy”. I have a post-it in my computer written with this word for remember it every single day haha. It´s very important the attitude when you are writing music and if you don’t enjoy the process, you can never improve in your productions.

The ensemble of sonic textures in the record is really exquisite. Where was your head at creatively when you started producing the EP?

Haha thanks for the words, my creative process is a bit chaotic. I get influenced by very different things like a conversation, reading an interview, listening to a mix, listening to music completely different (dubstep, grime, house, rock, punk…) or a festival, but it has to be at that time when you say “wow I need to go to the studio”.

Other processes before I start a track include taking a ride on my bike or taking the bus and making a long journey. Always listening to music too.

Is there a particular time of the day when you’re find yourself inspired or in the mood?

Buff good question, I guess at night. Night is perfect to do music because everything is silent, nobody interrupts you, and you are super concentrated.

What’s the most essential production tip you’ve learned in recent times?

I´m now very obsessed with Kontakt. For example in the track “A Baker’s Shit Ton” the percussions came for the Discovery Series India and the instrument is Dholak I think, so I recorded in audio and I transpose it down to create a very groovy rhythm. I use Sub boom and bazille too.

Talking hardware, What’s your favourite piece of kit right now?

I don’t use much hardware to be honest, I only use sometimes the Roland MC 303 groovebox. I would like to have money to buy hardware, but I think is not for me now because my production process is very spontaneous and I don´t want to spend months learning how a machine works haha. Maybe in the future I will buy hardware for my live set.

In a musical style such as yours the mixdown has got to be perfectly on-point. Have you a top tip for emerging producers on how to get it just right?

The basic tips are the key of your productions. I mean you have to learn how EQ a kick and a bass with a compressor and playing with the sidechain to find the perfect balance between both. Also when you are writing music don´t do the typical 4×4, try to do a different things. And very very important is go to great parties to understand the experience of the electronic music because you are going to be able to recognize the great tunes.

In addition to the ‘A Baker’s Shit Ton’ EP on Turbo, what else have you got coming up over the next few months?

I putting out a 12” on Lobster Theremin in December/Jan, I play in Krakow in November and I’ve started thinking about another ep, but it’s early days still for that haha.

Gilmer Galibard – ‘A Baker’s Shit Ton’ is out October 14th on vinyl & digital.