Hoshina Anniversary’s Top Turbos

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Japan’s Hoshina Anniversary made his Twin Turbo debut on March 10th with the whopper five track ‘Phone Case EP’ (listen here). As a long time follower of the label, we asked the inimitable producer to select his top 3 Turbo tracks of all time and he duly delivered. Check them out below.

1. Sei A – Lazers

I think I started listening consciously to ’Turbo’ releases in 2010.
I love the Artwork of the ‘Highway’ series, of course, I love these sounds.
Sei A’s tracks are always comfortable on the dancefloor, I often played this track. I also loved 2010 releases like Gesaffelstein, Terence Fixmer, ZZT, Discosamurai, Azari & III, Boy 8-Bit, Bodo Elsel, Hey Today… I feel like I like all the releases of 2010!!

2. Duke Dumont – Street Walker

2012 was also golden year of Turbo Recordings, so many great releases like “New Jack Techno” etc. If I must choose 1 track from Turbo catalogue, this is Duke Dumont’s track for me. I remembered I was very very impressed by this track, when I first heard ut… maybe Turbo’s youtube or Erol Alkan’s 6mix…
This track is catchy, love the rhythm section, it was filled with something brand new in the energy.
I love Duke Dumont’s style, also my favorite track is “When I Hear Mu’Sic”, I played it a lot.

3. Jori Hulkkonen, Tiga – Trust Your Body

I can’t make up my mind which one of Tiga, Jori Hulkkonen’s tracks to choose, but this track I played the most.
The lyrics of this track are simple and contain humor (also the artwork is excellent), this simple beat and bassline are very cool. Jori Hulkkonen’s productions are always good for me, lately “Acid Bitchez – Thinking About Acid (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)” I played a lot, feelin’ fine. I love Tiga’s voice since I first heard his track “Far From Home” in 2006.

Twin Turbo 045 – Hoshina Anniversary – Phone Case

“Just to be clear — phone cases are for losers.” – @tiga

Twin Turbo is proud to present the latest EP from Japan’s Hoshina Anniversary, an up-and-banging DJ/Producer whose numerous releases on Boys Noize Records have caught all the right eyes and ears at Turbo. His debut on the label comes in the form of an engrossing low fidelity package titled ‘Phone Case’. The five track EP ensures his place at the fore of the ongoing lo-fi explosion, which we feel is nothing less than the sound of an entire generation dancing to the ideals of democracy.

Inspired by one of our label boss’ most polarizing tweets, this EP is the first Twin Turbo release by an artist citing influences from the worlds of adult contemporary jazz and “Funky Latin,” although the music contained within challenges the very notion that these genres even exist. And this is perhaps the purest expression of the dualistic nature of the Twin Turbo ethos: as far as we are concerned, there is visor-melting insanity, and there is nothing.