Inside My Head: Q&A Session with Dubesque

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Austrian producer Dubesque is fresh from a label debut. ‘Inside My Head’ is a boisterous five track EP, which includes the stellar ‘’Queen’ collaboration with NYC legend Amanda Lepore. We caught up with the Vienna man this week to get the rundown on this unique collab, his work behind the scenes and the COVID effect.

Turbo: Hey Philip, welcome to Turbo! Out of curiosity, what has been your relationship with the label before getting signed?

Thanks! To be honest Turbo has always been one of the very rare labels whose records I bought without even listening to in a record shop – because I knew I‘m gonna love it. As a DJ I always tried to play as eclectic, as versatille as possible – and Turbo was always the right label to find new, inspiring, never heard before tunes to spice a set up at any time of the day (or night). I think my first Turbo record was Mateo Murphys “Love Express“, but also Tigas “Burning Down“, almost anything from Duke Dumont, Zdar, Chromeo, Moby, Hulkkonen, Brodinski or Azari & III including Jamie Jones‘ iconic “Hungry for the power“ remix, what label other than Turbo has such a diverse line up? That and Tiga as a trailblazer in electronic music (thinking of his ¡k7 DJ Kicks which is one my favorite albums) have always made Turbo the label I wished to sign with. And here we are, doing this interview and I still cant believe my portrait has been posted to your Instagram announcing some of my tunes have been chosen by Tiga and Francis to be released via Turbo. Absolutely buzzing!

Turbo: How did working with Amanda Lepore come about?

I‘d like to quote Amanda and her camp here, as they just recently answered this question:

“On a NYC work visit to see some of his music featured in Susanne Bartsch’s “Bartschland Follies,” Dubesque also hit the city’s nightlife and finished some production work for stateside A&R collaborator Brooklyn indie Peace Bisquit. On a later than usual night in the studio, Dubesque met the divine Ms. Amanda Lepore in passing again, after they‘ve initially met at Vienna‘s “Life Ball“ earlier that year. She had just released her acclaimed memoir, Doll Parts and was brainstorming about rushing new music out. The creative chemistry was immediate. “If you do one for me, I’ll do one for you.” purred the glamorous icon.

Numbers were exchanged, demos were recorded, red lipstick kisses were sent and not soon after Amanda’s fan-favorite LEPORE e.p. was born. Fast forward to 2020 and Dubesque’s own debut and the dynamic duo now present the infectious “Queen.”

Of the surprising new anthem Amanda says, “I’m so excited to work with Dubesque! This is something different for me and I hope everyone loves it! With everything that is going on this year, it’s great that we can still release new music!” ❗❤💄💋
Bow down.“

Turbo: What was it like working with her and her team in the studio?

Besides the times we met in NYC after Life Ball, none of the collaboration has actually been in the same studio, together. We both have tight schedules, she’s based in New York, I’m in Vienna, so unfortunately we couldn‘t manage being in the same studio. But we‘ve constantly been in touch via iMessage, email and Facetime – discussing lyrics and vocal performances as well as instrumental parts. But as we had the same vision in mind, it was all very much easy going, with the same energy and intention.

Turbo: You’re a pretty multi-faceted producer, what else have you worked on ?

I spent most of my time in the past years as a ghost producer and writer for other DJs and bands, composed original music (classical and non-classical as well as sound design) for film and did some bits for commercials. All that “behind the curtain“ work I chose because my daughter was born in early 2014 and I decided to be a dad in the first place, other than being a touring DJ, not being home most of the time and therefor missing her growing up especially during the most important first years. Some of the music i wrote recently you can find on another Soundcloud profile of mine – and you can find that one easily when browsing through the profiles my alter ego “Dubesque“ follows.

Turbo: How has COVID affected you?

I don’t really know how to put that appropriately to be honest – as people have been suffering a lot in connection with COVID-19 I think theres no way to put that whole situation we’re experiencing in an entirely positive context ever – but I enjoyed the slowing down of life, hanging with my wife and kid 24/7 for some time (especially now that after the lockdown I know I‘m not as annoying as I thought I am, as my wife and I are still married so ha!), writing music almost all day, going for long walks through the forests outside of Vienna, seeing the city empty etc.; even tho this all was caused by a pandemic where, as I said, people suffer, I tried to make the best of it and see the positive sides. And they where truly inspiring for the most part, for me personally – but of course I know that this is easy said from a very privileged point of view. I hope this whole thing will be over soon, so theres no more suffering from it & that people world wide can continue do what they love without restrictions and enjoy the beauty of life every single moment again.

Turbo: What can we expect from you in the future?

In the near future I‘m having an EP coming out in October on Eats Everything’s label ”Ei8ht“ and some new tunes on “Kneaded Pains“ towards the end of the year. Other than that I‘ll just continue to write all sorts of music for all kinds of occasions, trying to inspire other artists to write and produce what they love – instead of what they think others like to hear. I think if you do any kind of art, the art itself needs to be the only motivation, not money or fame or anything else. If you stick to the art itself you will eventually be happy and will ultimately live your personal dream. I‘m very much the best example. And if within that process I‘m lucky enough to write a couple of tunes I love, I promise you‘re going to be the first ones to hear them. 🙂

Out Now: Dubesque – Inside My Head – Stream/Download here.