Introducing ANNA

Ahead of her upcoming Twin Turbo release, we asked Anna a few questions in order to introduce her to the Turbo family. Make sure you take a listen to the bangin’ techno mix she did for us below, as she included all three tracks from her release!

1. I read in your bio you started DJ’ing in Sao Paolo very young, at only 15… can you tell us a bit about the early phases of your career?

Yes, I’ve started playing at my fathers’s club at first, I used to play Brazilian music, samba, rock, etc, At 15 I was playing every saturday for 7 hours to around 1000 people, it was fun. One year later I started to play electronic music and joined my first DJ agency, in the beginning my mother had to take me to the parties because I couldn’t go without an adult. When I was 18 I moved to São Paulo and everything became easier.

2. How did you make the transition to playing internationally?

My first tour was in 2008, my boyfriend was living in Europe and had an agent who was interested in working out some bookings for me, it was also when I started to make music, so I didn’t have many tracks out yet, nobody knew me in Europe, but it was a nice tour.  As I started to release my music in labels that gave me more projection, I started to  go more and more to Europe and around the world.

3. What’s it like living in a country where everyone can dance? What’s the vibe in Sao Paolo specifically?

It is great, we have a lot of different rhythms here, there’s lots of good influences for when you are creating something in the studio. I love and hate São Paulo, everything is happening here all the time, you can find everything, you can hear any kind of music, eat any type of food you want, but it is too busy, too polluted, the traffic is horrible, it is a crazy and amazing city to live

4. What record do you think you’ve played the most in your career?

UR  – The Jaguar

5. Tell us about your production style & methods. Are you more of an in-the-box producer or hardware freak? 

I work mostly with plugins, it os not easy buying hardware all the time, they are not very cheap and lots of plugins get the job done. But of course working with hardware is  much better, I buy them everytime I can, I just got the new Moog Sub 37, and I am love with it. I have a huge wish list but I need to control myself and buy little by litle.

6. Who’s your favourite DJ and why?

Marco Carola, nobody can make me dance like him, when he is playing it’s like hipnosis

7. What’s next on the schedule for you?

After my Release on Turbo, I have a remix for Gorgon City coming out on Black Butter Records, I have an EP coming out on Tronic this year too and a remix from Technasia for my track  Six Figures on Kraftek. Touring-wise, I will be in the UK, Swiss, China, Guatemala, Dubai, France, South Africa, Netherlands, Brasil in the next months.

Mix Tracklist:

Anna – Let Me Take You – Turbo Recordings
Okain, Onno – Set Me Back – Upon Yu Records
Anna – Drum Machines Do Have Soul – Turbo Recordings
Channel X – Rodeo (Barem Remix) – Budenzauber
Anna – Life Of Benefits – Unreleased
Traumer – Hoodlum – Desolat
Anna – Fits Foil – Unreleased
Julian Jeweil – Rumble – Minus
Anna – Swamp – Turbo Recordings
Arjun Vagale – It’s Like That – Tronic
Christian Smith feat. Cevin Fisher – The Urge – Tronic
Anna – I AM – Tronic
Agents Of Time – Correspondant