Introducing Iñigo Vontier

We asked Iñigo Vontier a couple of questions as we welcome him to the Turbo Recordings family. Hit play on the DJ mix he recorded for us below and learn more about the Mexican producer head of his ‘Furia’ EP release on Twin Turbo.

1. How long have you been producing music & DJ’ing?

I have been producing & DJ’ing for 8 years as different alias. As Iñigo Vontier I have been producing for 3 years.

2. Tell us about your production process. How do you get inspired? What do you like to start with? What pieces of equipment are central to your setup?

It changes everytime, sometimes the idea of the track comes first, sometimes it comes after jamming in the studio. Usually i work with the beat and bassline first and then work with other elements from this point. My set up is based on ableton live, midi controlers, drum machines and synthetizers like the mopho, polysix, microkorg, electribe, roland samplers, maschine, among others.

3. The electronic music scene in Mexico has been getting a lot of praise and attention recently, tell us a little bit about its recent development.

I think the scene has been here for a long time, but just recently found the way into international clubs, labels and festivals. With names like Rebolledo and Hector in every electronic music fest, it was clear now that something big was going on in Mexico and so it finally emerged. Now there is a lot of good mexican producers that together we are trying to make a unique sound just like what german techno or french electro became.

4. What is your involvement in the Mexican scene besides making music?

I started throwing partys in 2007 and started a label called Mix Le Fun with other friends from Guadalajara. This was a good time for house partys and electro was everywhere. Now things have changed and Im more involved in supporting mexican labels and helping friends from other countrys to come and play to Mexico and this way people can listen whats going on in other countrys. Also big part of helping the scene grow, is playing at the best clubs in Mexico and throwing new music and sounds so people can hear different tunes and not the ones you normally find at beatport top 100.

5. What is an amazing authentic mexican dish that most people don’t know about?

There is a lot of amazing mexican dishes that people sure don’t know, but i will go for the “chilpachole de jaiba” that is a crab soup seasoned with chilis and other spieces cooked for a whole day. This is the best thing you could ever eat for a hangover.

Check out his ‘Furia’ EP here

Mix Tracklist:

Villanova – Seahorses
Heretic & Buran – Perilous
Moscoman – Akachi
Il Est Vilaine – Surf Rider
Mijo & Macaulay – Números Rojos
Daniel Kyo – After a Weird Night (Undo Remix)
Zombies in Miami – Shadows
Iñigo Vontier – Furia
Sebastien Bouchet – Captain Drag
Wassermann – Eisen Mein Herz
Mr Raoul K – Africa (Kuniyuki Main Remix)