Introducing Sunju Hargun & Forrest

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Introducing Sunju Hargun & Forrest to the Turbo family, we’ve asked them to interview each other and tell us a little bit about their collaborative process. Forrest also delivers a killer mix featuring all four tracks of his and Sunju’s upcoming  EP “Palace”, dropping April 27th on Twin Turbo.

Sunju: These days it is extremely difficult to find someone you can collab with and still maintain to share a similar vision after a couple of years. What do you think it was about us working together that makes it so special and unique.

Forrest: I think it’s a really natural thing, you reach out to people you genuinely admire, or at least, admire their work and the you see what they have to say. In our case we met in person in London which is a big plus in this Internet era because it allows you to really get what the person’s about. On top of it we were both at the same place or ‘intersection’ musically where we spoke the underground language but also wanted to keep it really accesible.

The workflow established itself without us over thinking it and that’s the precise reason we can keep on keeping on tracks after tracks.

Forrest: Do you plan on working with me for a long time?

Sunju: The most important thing for me is that we found a good chemistry that works well, being able to balance and see eye to eye is the most important step towards a good long lasting collaboration. So to answer your question, Yes! i see a long lasting vision in our work and friendship together.

Sunju: What do you have in store for creating this music video for the track ‘Palace’ and what kind of a story would you be telling.

Forrest: The video will be more of a deconstructed ‘Mood’. The music we create is based on dynamism, breakdown, drops and of course the Techno-ish ‘X’ factor that is deliberately twisted yet understandable with a classic 4/4 – 120 something bpm that you can instantly dance to. I can’t say too much about the element themselves to not spoil anything  but I can assure you it will serve it’s purpose.

Forrest: What’s the scene like in Bangkok?

Sunju: The Scene here in Bangkok is constantly evolving and growing bigger with Club nights, daytime events and branded festivals offering top notch production along with international artist’s from A to Z being booked to play has really pushed the underground dance scene to a very good point and has somehow put bangkok on the map. We are also very fortunate to have some extremely talented and creative local artist that are also helping to push the scene in the right direction it needs to be.

Sunju: Do you plan to visit Asia sometime in the near future?

Forrest: Well this is an easy answer in term of intentions: yes. But then we’ll see about what leads me to it aka opportunities. Regardless if it’s for shows or my personal culture I will go to Asia in the next couple of years. To be fair, I almost feel embarrassed by the face I’ve never traveled to Asia. On top of it, from the videos and pictures you’ve shown me, the music scene looks in full ebullition which only makes it’s general appeal even more rich and desirable.

Forrest: Would you say your more of a live the moment or prepare the future type of individual? (Or both)

Sunju: I think something like this should be a natrual and organic step that will lead us into us playing together and hopefully being able to do some b2b sets, hopefully (cross fingers) that opportunity could see the light of day in the near future.


Forrest ‘Crisis Manager’ Mix for Turbo


1. It’s Slow (Truncate Raw Mix 1) – Trus’me // Prime Numbers
2. Wanderlust (Jordan Peak Remix) – Franck Roger // Decay
3. Chez Michel – Apollonia // Apollonia
4. Wild Silence (Gaetano C Remix) – Jamahr // MindBlown
5. Leaves (Stripped 2 Clip) – Redshape // Running Back
6. Manhattan (VAM Remix) – Forrest // 2020Vision
7. Woo – Rhymos // Overall
8. Bassius – Dan Curtin // Transit
9. Time Bomb – Forrest & Sunju Hargun // Turbo
10. Percolate – Marino Canal // Mood
11. High Anxiety – Forrest & Sunju Hargun // Turbo
12. Out Of Control (Vocal Mix) – Population One // Trip
13. Model 1 – Truncate // Truncate
14. Indywa – XDB // Echocord
15. Lie To Me (feat. Big Willy) – Anthony Collins // Hakt
16. Nothing – Ron Costa // Potobolo
17. Moss – Forrest & Sunju Hargun // Turbo
18. Polygon Pink Toast – Bjarki // Trip
19. Palace – Forrest & Sunju Hargun // Turbo