Jamie Jones “Hungry for the Power” remix voted best house track of the decade

After a lengthy poll, Jamie Jones’ 2011 remix of “Hungry for the Power” was voted best house track of the decade via Defected Records! Should we repress it?

Alphonse Alixander Lanza III of Azari & III –

“Hungry For the Power, the second song I conceived and composed with Azari & III, began with a specific focus and intention – to challenge the lazy, fruity contemporary interpretations of inner city dance music, which had thoroughly diluted the once potent medium, with rugged, raw and revelatory incantation harking back to the original intention that birthed the movement.

The lyrics were born out of being humoured and appalled by the widespread willingness, eagerness to produce empty plastic product in exchange for empty plastic success. At the exact right time and place, it came blasting in through the out door with sneering criticism and critique of the people culpable in this corruption of culture, one that polluted a pure and vital element of our lives with increasingly barren nothingness. We saw this hollowness as wide spread, encompassing the entire musical space, debasing it in irreparable ways, just as human culture in general is being fatally leeched by rampant forces bent on eliminating our inherent connections to our gods.

The production process spared no time or expense, a fully equipped rock and roll oriented studio was used to record the original staples of the sound – SSL, Neve, Urei and an arsenal of gear from the dawn of electronic recording equipment to technology at the vanguard of the medium.

The 808s, 303s, 909s, MPC60s, Emu Emulators, Juno 6 & 106s, H3000s and 480Ls were meticulously programmed and played in the traditional method, with song arrangement and production intent well established before the recording phase began.

The vocals were recorded on a 1977 U87 Neumann microphone . The lyric writing process took a few days and was kicked off when in a period of initial writer’s block, I asked Starving how we has feeling at the moment, and he said, “Hungry”. That sparked the aforementioned stream of thought that fleshed out the song.

Despite all the remixes made of Hungry, the original is the only piece that, in my opinion, retains the fierce and vivid reactionary force of our original conception.”

Stream  the EP here: https://turborec.lnk.to/HungryForThePower