Out Now: Dean Grenier – Color Code [Vinyl & Digital Release]

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Dean Grenier

Following the release of the ‘Hurrikan’ single earlier this month, the Color Code EP from Dean Grenier is now available on all digital platforms as well as vinyl 12”. Pick up your copy here.

There are certain records you have to earn the right to play. After buying the right kind of warehouse, you have to build the energy in the room for what feels like an eternity until the precise moment the vape circle starts gettin’ out of control and Dionysus the Greek God of Greek Promoters tears through the very fabric of reality and screams “τώρα!” right in your goddamned face. All of which brings us to Color Code, the latest EP from new Turbo sensation Dean Grenier.

Every single one of these four tracks is killer, a term industry demands have forced us use lightly in the past, but not this time, mister. This is sexually-viable sci-fi techno that rewrites your genetic code to give future generations a better chance at exhibiting club-friendly phenotypes like dance antlers or even more powerful sweat glands. At the snap of a glowstick, any of these selections will take your next set from “good” to “very good” on a scale of “good” to “shitty” to “very good.” That is our promise to you, no matter who you are or how much we care what you think.