Out Now: Kenny Glasgow – Mean Machine

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Turbo is proud to welcome Toronto warehouse legend and Art Department magician Kenny Glasgow back into the fold with Mean Machine, four killer club hits that mark his first outing with us since the 2001 classic Toronto Mix Sessions, which helped usher in the Golden Age of the Mix CD. Reached for comment, label boss Tiga recalls the beginnings of their friendship with a wistful gleam in his eye as he revisits a time before the burden of all dance music had yet to be strapped to his surprisingly powerful back:

“I met Kenny way, way back in the late 90s – great DJ. He’s one of the only other guys I know who sings on their records; we actually have a monthly support group called ‘Layin’ It on the Line.’ Back in 2001, we DJ’d together at the launch party for my Mixed Emotions mix CD in Toronto, which was Ground Zero for electro at the time. I’m not sure if it still is. My point is: we’ve always loved each other.”

Mean Machine leadoff “Hot Mess” features the lyric, “Watching you dance drives me fucking crazy,” which takes on added meaning when you consider that he’s talking about you specifically. “Weird Science” tears up the laboratory waiting room dancefloor with its clinical machine funk, while “Something Special” lives up to the insane braggadocio of its title with an eight-minute marathon of after-hours madness. Finally, closer “Just Let Go” urges you to cut your losses with your current family and buy that Traktor controller you’ve been eyeing on Craigslist every night while they sleep.

“At the end of the day, he’s probably the only cool person I ever met from Ontario,” adds Tiga. “I mean, I tried to meet Dan Aykroyd on several occasions, but it never worked out. I wanted to tell him that bustin’ makes me feel good, too. And I guess Elvis Stojko is pretty cool. Anyway, Kenny has a leather trenchcoat that I have always been jealous of and remains a threat to my emotional well-being to this day.”

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