Out Now: Nocow – Alone EP

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Ask any label and they’ll tell you the past year has produced a deluge of beyond-emo track submissions. To be honest, it’s a little tough to humour our artists’ complaints about feeling isolated when most of them scoffed at the opportunity to spend 2020 living and working at the Turbo Influencer House. It was a unique opportunity to learn responsibility by maintaining a tidy shared studio space/bunkbed area and keeping Tiga’s electric bicycle charged and ready to dominate the streets 24/7. 

But for rising label stars like Nocow, who is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, we realize that Montreal represents a very expensive boat ride, and our promise of unlimited orange soda before 5 pm and an $80 travel voucher just wasn’t enough. To make it up to us, he submitted over 60 tracks this year, with the ones that made the cut for this release representing the top 8.3%, an astonishing figure by any measure.

Photo by Yulia Nikitina

Nocow’s latest EP perfectly soundtracks the ever-degrading Science Hell we all agreed to by accepting Winamp’s Terms of Service back in 2002, with moody touchscreen vocals alternating with Blade AF electro trance banger vibes. According to Nocow, the title of closing track “Pozdno Vstal” translates as “got up late today,” which just about nails the zeitgeist to the freaking wall. Additionally, this is the kind of hot language tip that could give you the credibility you’ve been sorely lacking on your favorite Russian Cyber-Goth forums. 

Stream/Download the EP here: https://turborec.lnk.to/alone