Out Now: Shaded – My Stimuli

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Shaded returns with new two track EP ‘My Stimuli’. Stream/Download here.

A digital catalog is a legacy that exists beyond the cloud or the filthy laptop. It lives on for moments and years and lifetimes spent dancing in the streets. It’s more than just MBs and GBs. It’s about soul bandwidth, singing a hero’s journey of grooving and sweating and falling in love and sweating and getting that promotion and sweating and buying a home and sweating and starting a family and sweating and being the oldest person in the club and sweating.

With his record sixth Twin Turbo release, SHADED has vaulted to the head of the label’s pantheon of banger artisans. Recorded between bouts of surfing, rock climbing, and metal detecting near his new beachfront studio, “My Stimuli” and b-side “Attitudes” take a wrecking ball to the audio status quo, whatever that means to you. Word on the beach is the boys on the beach have taken to calling him Mr. Rhythmicity, and with rhythms like these it’s no wonder why. This EP is the kind of towering achievement you only dream about in your wildest dreambook fantasies. And we know because we’ve read them.