Out Now: The Dove – Vault Traxx

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Vault Traxx from Tiga alias The Dove get their long-awaited release. 6 years in the making. Out now on digital. Stream/Download here.

The internet goes ape-wack every time we mention The Dove. Net sleuths the World Wild Web over have pooled their intelligence to determine that it’s an alias. But for whom? And for what because?

The intrigue gets all the more enthralling when you find out that The Dove is opening up his vaults all the way back to the filing cabinets housing the hottest secret tracks of 2012. No one else was doing rave-inspired breakbeat jams like these back then, and absolutely no one else is releasing them now.

Time-masked identity gateways aside, this is some of Twin Turbo’s best output ever. It’s not every day a label harnesses the energies of three different eras in two high-quality digital recordings. But today is not every day.