Out Now: Turbo Century VII

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Dance music institution Turbo Recordings takes you on a sentimental journey through the annals of its frequently beloved catalog with a selection of highlights from releases 151 through 175. Tiga, Charlotte de Witte, Duke Dumont, Clouds, ZZT, Proxy, and other label luminaries helped define an otherwise unremakrable era, and the least you could do is carry these memories inside your hearts until you die. This is the best place to start.

The compilation also represents a wonderful entry point for Turbo novices of all ages. Have your father’s playlists been falling off lately? Do your gifted toddler’s sets peter out right around peak time? Give them the education and ammunition they could never look you in the eye and ask for directly with Turbo Century VII, and savor their unrelenting gratitude for the next 100 years of your life.

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01 Mike Mind – Sea Of Fog
02 Sei A – Swoon
03 Tiga VS Audion – Let’s Go Dancing
04 Tiga VS Audion – Let’s Go Dancing (Solomun Remix)
05 Suuns – 2020 (JoeFarr Remix 2)
06 ZZT – Givin In
07 Tiga VS Audion – Fever (KiNK Remix)
08 JoeFarr – Roller 4T1
09 TWR72 – Download
10 GoldFFinch – Bis Repetita
11 Clouds – Two Dimensional Horror Acid
12 Von Party – Pygmy Funk
13 Clarian – Who Are They To Judge Us (Iron Galaxy Remix)
14 DJ Hesburger – Roll Up Your Sleeves, Welcome to the Dance
15 Tiga – Bugatti
16 Duke Dumont – Slow Dance
17 Proxy – Jumanarama
18 Alli Borem – Continuum Gate
19 Trances – 4
20 DJs Pareja, Tom Tom Clubber – Vamos Viendo
21 Clouds – Omonoso Hausen
22 Kane West – Mexicans
23 Tiga VS Boys Noize – 100
24 Tiga VS Boys Noize – 100 (The Martinez Brothers Keep It 100 Remix)
25 Charlotte de Witte – Weltschmerz
26 Perth Drug Legend – Balqhuidder Ruins