Out Now: Turbo Century VIII

In an astonishing feat of engineering, Turbo Century VIII packs 23 real and imagined hits into a single digital compilation, showcasing label highlights from releases 176 through 199. Take a pulse-pounding, forward-looking stroll down Memory Street with Dimitri Veimar, Charlotte de Witte, Tiga, Tiga vs. Audion, Tiga & The Martinez Brothers, and Tiga & Clarian. That’s more Tiga than you could have possibly bargained for, and we feel you deserve every last bit of that bargain.

This “all-killer, no-filler” compilation will fill you full of yearning for a less uncertain time when droplet transmission was something you actively sought out in the breeding trenches of the world’s nightclubs. Put simply, Turbo Century is a crazy time machine of the soul, available for purchase forever starting now.

Stream/Download here.