Out Now: Viers – Hurt Me (Digital)

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The 4 track ‘Hurt Me’ EP from UK producer Viers is out now on digital release. It’salso available on vinyl as the first release in our new series of techno 12-inches. Get it here.

You probably don’t spend enough time thinking about how hard it is to run a record label. To wake up every single morning scouring the planet for cutting-edge sounds and succeeding every single time. To know that your parties live or die by the vibes we select. We take these responsibilities more seriously than any doctor or dentist ever could. So please know that when we say we are proud to present this amazing new release by UK artist Viers, it is the culmination of a process that would leave virtually anyone else dead or insane.

“VLVX Spiral Down” and “Hurt Me” were Inspired by the crazy energy of DIY Fetish Techno parties, which are generally better than corporate-sponsored fetish parties, although Red Bull Leather Academy has done some cool stuff. Meanwhile, “Blow” and “I’m Gonna Get” feature big vocal samples repurposed from Viers’ “deep dive” into the history of jungle music. If you enjoy this release, please do us a favor and never use the term “deep dive” again. Just say you’ve been “bonin’ up” or something.