Proxy – Raven Remixes [Club Turbo Exclusive]

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It’s been ten years since Proxy’s earth-rattling festival anthem “Raven” hit the dancefloors of the world. One could say this record is the prototype of modern EDM, if so we’re sorry it led to the cake-throwing jesus-pose circus we know today. We didn’t anticipate that part.

Here’s what revered tastemaker Erol Alkan had to say about it at the time of it’s release:

I heard it in a car
Didnt feel it
Thats a lie
I did feel it
It wasn’t until I saw Xavier (Justice) play it to 10,000 Tiesto fans
At that festival
That it made sense
It’s simple beyond comprehension,
It’s been one of the biggest
Records of the year for many of us
And it will probably
Disappear by December
Only for us to rediscover it again in 2012
And declare it a work of genius.

To celebrate this record’s influence on dance music history, we originally asked a handful of main stage EDM and non-EDM producer DJ’s to remix the track, but none of them had the balls to touch it. So we turned the other way and asked another generation of producers to remix it: the ones who were kids in the front row when this track was originally unleashed upon them, marked for life at the sheer power this tune could have on a fresh mind in a sweat-soaked ZZT t-shirt.

The result are modern reworks of this dancefloor classic by Turbo young guns Madame & Vakkuum – exclusively available for Club Turbo members.

Club Turbo: turborecordings.bandcamp.com/club-turbo