Q&A Session: Shaded & Tiga talk Prince, flying cars & crypto

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Shaded and Tiga go together like a revved up Chevrolet on a hot sunny day: add a little bit of Turbo power to that and you have a recipe for the coolest proposition around. So when it came to Shaded returning to Turbo with his new EP for the imprint, it was a no brainer. Says Skyler: “I saw his “ciao” album interview when it came out and I was instantly curious about him and one of my favourite dance records of all time is “you gonna want me” from sexor, another excellent album. His persona always intrigued me . It was so polished, yet fun and when you hear a tiga song you know it’s tiga!” As for the label itself, Skyler says it’s remained one of his favourite imprints. “Definitely,” he nods, “and I also discovered a lot of artists through the label.” Strap in.

Shaded: It’s imaginary throwback Thursday, your manager needs the social media post… if you could have been anywhere, with anyone, doing anything, who’s in the pic and what are you doing ?

Tiga: I think a nice casual, at home picture of me and Prince playing cards would be pretty solid.

Shaded: The late Prince calls, he says, “Yo T, lets cruise, I’m taking a studio break…” What do you guys do?

Tiga: oh him? first off, i think this COULD have happened if life had panned out slightly different. im 100% Prince and i would have been great friends. i just know it. you talking cruise on our bicycles? i think we would just hang out, make jokes and talk shit. Prince clearly had an exceptional sense of humour, and was REAL as real gets.

Shaded: Elon musk asks you to help design the first flying car. What classic merc is it inspired by, why, what color, and what sound system do you put in it ?

Tiga: not so into retro/future….. but if we had to choose what i consider to be a criminally underrated design that would look good in the air, i would go with a Bimmer: 850CSI….. flying shark vibes. sound system: im a big fan of NAIM, and they have done some car audio. but for obvious 80s status we go Alpine.

Shaded: A young adult is lost in the world. They are looking for insight into finding their place in this new age. What 5 books would you recommend they read to enhance their outlook on life?

Tiga: good question.

Steinbeck: East Of Eden

Nabokov: Speak, Memory

Graham Greene: Heart Of The Matter

a good music bio…. like the Quincy Jones or the Keith Richards

Coetzee: Waiting For The Barbarians

and a good collection of poetry….walt whitman…..

Clarian, Shaded, Tiga & Von Party at Piknic Barcelona 2012

Shaded: In an alternate universe, you get elected in 2020 as president of the USA. What DJ is your VP and why?

Tiga: can’t imagine why i would want a DJ as a VP…… of my friends, i think Gonzales would make a good VP. or somebody very level headed, who always makes things seem calm and manageable…. like: DIEGO MARADONA

Shaded: For the remainder of 2020 you can only send one tweet… what do you tweet?

Tiga: see you in 2021

Shaded: You are forced to wear a uniform for the rest of your life. What are you wearing, who designs it, and what colors you rock?

Tiga: I actually love the idea. i always told myself at 40 i would only wear suits. then that got moved to 45. now im not so sure.

when i was about 18 i visited a german design firm in Hamburg, and the head of the firm always wore all black, with combat boots, a black trench coat and a black army cap…… looked like a Yohji Tamamoto Gay Commando….. and that has always kinda stayed in my head as a spiritual goal

Shaded: You become a billionaire off crypto currency. Tell us what your new life looks like?

Tiga: new?

Shaded: For your last ever show, you get to DJ with 5 friends. Who are they?

Tiga: 2many DJs

Jeff Mills

thats 3 friends…… more than that and there is too much waiting around between tracks

Shaded ‘My Sitmuli’ EP out now – Stream/Download: turborec.lnk.to/MyStimuli