Radio Turbo #001 – Jordan

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Belfast producer Jordan inaugurates Radio Turbo following his debut appearance on the label with the thunderous Twin Turbo EP ‘Coup De Grace’. In addition to supplying an exclusive sixty minute recording for the mix series, he fielded an ensemble of intrusive questions from Turbo HQ, touching on his love affair with the Voyager, his centre role in the city’s nightlife and all that’s on the horizon.

How long have you been DJ’ing and producing music? How did you get into it?

I’ve been DJ’ing in nightclubs since I was 13, no joke. I’d been into high energy dance music from a young age, and at 13 I was involved in a Radio One DJ Competition – so my first gig was broadcast on national TV and was in a club to 2000 people. Naturally that resulted in a lot of press and gigs came off the back of that. I toured clubs up and down Ireland for years, until I got to an age where I was on the other side of the decks, and my musical tastes began to mature really. My first studio experiences were with my good friend Dave Lievense (Psycatron), and off the back of these years, found myself moving to Leeds to study Music Technology.

What’s the scene like in your hometown of Belfast?

Rowdy. Our clubs all close at 3am latest, with the bars stopping serving booze even earlier than that. We like tough electronic music here. The likes of Steffi & Levon Vincent always go down well. Shine have been throwing parties here for 20 years – I play for them regularly. Twitch are into their 10th year, and we’ve just hit our first and second birthdays with our own parties, AUX & The Night Institute. People like Timmy Stewart & Phil Kieran have been at it for decades, and my pals Bobby Analog, Moodtrax, Schmutz & Chris Hanna are on the rise. Keep an eye on a young fella called Brien too.

What pieces of hardware did you use to make this EP?

The Moog range features heavily in my music. My pride and joy is the Voyager (which is currently on the other side of the world for repair. Godspeed) and I love the sounds out of the machine. Coup de Grace featured the little phatty. Just a load of long recording of fucking about with the envelopes worked well – that’s where the “erotic discourse” type sound came from under the breakdown. The pads are from the OB12. I have one preset on that that I use to death and just add some filters. Sorry!

Tell us a bit about your DJ’ing style, and this mix you curated for us?

I like to play long sets, it’s what I do every Saturday night at The Night Institute. We’ll start with sleazy disco sounds and bring it right through to techno. Lots of fast mixing and energy when I can get away with it, and the right amount of not taking yourself too seriously. For this mix I’ve went tougher with the Turbo sound in mind!

What’s on the horizon for Jordan?

I’m playing Manchester’s Warehouse Project next month – I don’t have a free Saturday night till October and we are continuing to crack on with The Night Institute weekly Saturday parties in Belfast. I’ve got music coming out on my own Nocturne imprint, as well as Extended Play & Huxley’s “No Idea’s Original” label. It’s all becoming a lot of fun.

Jordan – ‘Coup De Grace’ EP is out now.

Buy here – TurboRec.lnk.to/CoupDeGrace