Radio Turbo #002 – Gilmer Galibard

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Turbo welcomes former Lobster Theremin artist Gilmer Galibard to the fold with a top notch vinyl and digital release on October 14th. Canary Islands-based producer Galibard has assembled a fiery four track EP, which leaves nothing on the table. He blends a ferocious energy with a raw power in the EP titled ‘A Baker’s Shit Ton’. With the release fast arriving, Galibard takes on the mantle of Radio Turbo, delivering the second episode in the recently launched mix series.

Pre-order: https://turborec.lnk.to/ABakersShitTonEP


New Horizon – Convextion
1800HaightStreet – Apprentice
Traversable Wormhole – Subliminal Warp Drive (Northern Structures Remix)
Exium – Microbot
Ryan James Ford – Mirra Rengo
Ralph Mirto – I Don’t Combo Dolls
Pfirter – Technalog
Gilmer Galibard – Bougarabou
Clouds – Ultras In Africa
Paul Damage Bailey – Dry Red
Blue Hour – A Lip Plate
Surgeon – Patience (Part 2)
Sunil Sharpe – Schizofrequenaut
Tessela – Sorbet
Rote – Rote 4
Nthng – ???
Gilmer Galibard – Seq #0
Innershades – Asbroek

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