Turbo 122B
Rush To The Capsule

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Rising Visionquest stars Footprintz cover Raid Over Moscow on Turbo’s first ever seven-inch release, a special Record Store Day exclusive. Featuring a remix by Ewan Pearson.

To complement the recent Raid Over Moscow EP, we enlisted Visionquest signees Footprintz to provide their own take on “Rush to the Capsule”, highlighting the excellent songcraft of the original while showcasing the sound that guarantees the Montreal duo will live up to the considerable hype created by their debut single, Utopia.

For the B-side, we turned to Ewan Pearson, the producer of Footprintz’s amazing debut LP (due later this year), and a consistently great remixer. Pearson uses his insider knowledge of the group’s strengths, turning the synth-pop mastery of their cover into a “New Wave Moon Rave”, complete with all the male-choir pads such a thing entails.

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