Turbo Mind Vacuum 2


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01Robert Mellander - Dawn
02Alex Jones - British Knights
03Kolombo - Reverie
04The Deflection - Deflection (Franz & Shape Remix)(
05Gaston Laterza - Equinos
06Denis Karimani - Rooms & Rites
07Liquid Agents - Beat Controls The Body
08Frankie Flowers aka Mohan Das - Stylo
09Shawn Ward - Cosmo
10El Carlitto & Chonzales - Pepper
11Frankie Flowerz aka Mohan Das - Rain

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As hard as it might be to believe, there was a time when the word TRANCE did NOT mean Dutch guys dressed in white wearing Oakleys….. it also didn’t mean Israeli post-military dragon-stick wielding reefer addicts…… actually, there was a glorious era where trance was a VERB rather than a NOUN… I’m talking about when you GOT in a trance, at lets say for example: the Golden Eagle in Munich in 81, in a white-tiled sauna-motif discotec, grooving toa 17 minute reel-to reel version of Knights in White satin on your 2nd bottle of poppers whilesome guy named “Wolfie” takes his modern ballet skills to the “next level”.

If that sounds appealing….and I know it does….drop in to the Turbo Mind Vacuum for deep, sensual (yes, i used the word SENSUAL) electronic grooves so potent that we were forced by a coalition of competitors’ labels to ONLY release them digitally to restrict their awesome power to trip people out. These tracks make other tracks seem like: Mindless. Shallow. Shit. That includes some of Turbo’s other releases.

Open your mind, jerk. Embrace the fact that we all yearn to dance into the fire matrix of eternal love, with our joints firmly linked to space-wires controlled by the master puppeteer of chakra consciousness…… the Mirror-Man, your reflected soul, and bask in the knowledge that only the mind is porous enough to absorb all Light-Grooves, becoming the Mind-Vacuum.

Tiga (Turbo Groove Shaman)