Mohan Das
Oh Yes


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01Oh Yes
02Funk Dat
03Oh Yes (Phonogenic Remix)
04Oh Yes (Compuphonic Fluo Joke Remix)

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When you meet someone that’s been in the music business for 25 years, you ought to look closely because they’ve got secrets worth learning – anyone that has witnessed the power of Sven Väth knows this. Sven, as it happens, has been DJ’ing since 1982, which, as far as I can tell, is the longest of anyone that is still relevant. Gude Laune! With that respectful nod out of the way…

Mohan Das / aka Frankie Flowerz / aka Audio Royal / aka 2 Dawgs / aka Hybrid Funk / aka Das Deva, beats out just about everyone else, and unlike guys like Carl Cox and Judge Jules with familiar reference points like UK acid house, Mohan’s story is weird and exotic.

1984… I was 4 years old and shit-scared of the ‘Thriller’ video. Surkin was -6. Mohan was already mixing funk, soul, and new wave on 2 pitch-control tape decks in Penang, Malaysia(!). He moved on to turntables 2 years later, and by 1990 had played at every discotheque on the island… but Mohan sought greener pastures abroad, so, after crashing his Austin Station Wagon into a beach house, his brother hooked him up with a DJ agency in Switzerland.

His DJ career took off in Europe, and he was able to set up his first studio in 93, eventually forming a band called… get ready… Funk You !!!!

In the late 90s he moved to Berlin and released his first record on Blaou, before becoming label head and A&R at the well-respected ‘Funkhausmusic’. He has since released music on ‘Crosstown Rebels’, ‘Hypercolour’, ‘Internasiojnal’, and ‘TMV’… his funky soulful house influences perfectly tempered by the minimal techno aesthetic of Berlin; the result a distilled funk that needs no jazz-roduction… a groove so deep you could stay in it for 25 years…

So prepare for the digital-only pleasure of this latest Turbo Mind Vacuum release… we’re celebrating Mohan’s quarter-century career by ushering him into a brave new world that involves only the internet, bit-packets, cables, and YOU.Two original tracks: both unique-flavored dubbed-out breaks-inflected acid-house chuggers.

AND: Compuphonic’s remix captures the high-energy, melodic vibe of Belgium’s Dirty Dancing, while Phonogenic turns in a subtley reworked house-bomb with a never-ending party / Berlin feel.

love from Canberra, of all places,