Zak Frost & Lazerzonic


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02Aquaplane (Unit 4 Remix)
03Aquaplane (Williams Remix)

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I guarantee that this record couldn’t come to you any way other than through the Turbo Mind Vacuum. It’s absolutely perfect that UK duo “Lazersonic & Zak Frost” named this track “Aquaplane”: they clearly understand how to get so deep-stoned on a psychoacoustic layer of reality, that they know that layer of reality’s name. Trip on that… welcome to the hall of mirrors… Aquaplane IS Turbo Mind Vacuum.

There are only a handful of people psychedelic enough to approach this kind of sacred geometry, and Turbo A&Rsayer TVP knew precisely who could viberide LZ & ZF’s soundwaves.

Williams & Unit 4 are the chosen trip-masters… now get on the train:

Dutch-dub-acid king Unit 4 floats out a groove that will make your problems bob away. If only he’d release more than 5 tracks in 6 years, the world would be a better place, and being Dutch would be a bit less lame.

Williams respects the original while upping the ante with full choir and piano positivity. His wonderful ‘Love Triangle’ imprint is one of the most cosmically under-appreciated labels, and it’s a triangular pleasure to announce that he has a great EP coming soon on Turbo.

Enjoy the deep brain tissue massage, and look out for more from this talented new UK duo.