Twin Turbo 023
For You

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Deep, original house music from a prodigiously talented young Russian producer.


Growing up in the same housing project as Proxy, Marseille got his start on Mako Records, but his sound has shifted away from the pounding, abrasive, bangers that put his little Moscow suburb on the map and developed into something far more accessible and melodic.


Long hard Russian winters in relative isolation have clearly forged a distinct artistic identity. There are still production details rooted in the concrete grime of his neighbourhood – a soundscape mastered by his mentor, Proxy – but these chunks of grit and punch serve as accents which never overwhelm the whole. Born from a scene of blunt brutality, Marseille shows sensitivity and restraint in his music, still sounding ‘tough’ but leaving space for light to get in and emotion to exist.


For You is a piano-house epic with a super catchy hook and vocal sample. Definite pop potential. Perhaps the most indicative of his overall style, Soulsearcher combines sharp and glassy percussion with deep sub bass and a terrific swaying Voodoo Ray-like vocal. Turn the Musik is a stripped down club jacker, shifting the focus away from melodic elements to a loud and proud drum groove. Bonus track Sin adds another dimension to the package, adding R&B vocals to a funky synth-pop top line.


Mature and unique sounds here, not to be missed!