Turbo 028
Don't U Want


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“I first met philipe zdar when he rented my nightclub to do a video for cassius. A long time ago in a galaxy known as Canada. I knew about MC Solaar and I dug Cassius and I thought he had a very cool little mini-DV camera. We asked him to do a mixCD. It almost happened. We lost touch.

Next time I met them, Cassius were djing at a big party in montreal. We hung out. That night, before, during and after their set, I got a little, ummmmmm…… How can we put this??? Wasted? I have vague memories of trying to hug Phillipe……mumbling things like “…..no, REALLY, I mean this night is incredible”. The next day, high on a potent cocktail of professional shame and personal shock……i resigned myself: destiny had closed the door, however gently, on a ZDAR-TURBO alliance.

But time heals all wounds.

When 5 years later, I received the demo tracks………i instantly knew our moment had come. ZDAR’s crystal production had always been impossible to ignore but now……now there was something more: the man himself. His voice, his vision, his dreams…..all on CDR.

I choose 2 tracks. Any more, and it would be a fatal dose of funk.

In your hands, you hold the press-sheet that came with ZDAR’s latest 12inch:
“Don’t U Want” and “How Do U See Me Now”. A 12inch years in the making.
Destiny’s doors smashed open. A rupture in the space-funk continuum. I present Phillipe Zdar: Turbo-28.”

Tiga , montreal feb 2005