Turbo 031
Le Grand Sommeil

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“If GOA was cool and filled with French people, and psy-trance never happened….Sweetlight would RULE the beaches”

The first time I heard the name Sweetlight was when I was Djing with Ivan Smagghe and he played this insane trance-rave-bomb and I got acid flashbacks from 94 and ran up to the booth and asked what is that and he said (as if I was the last guy on the planet to find out)…..”it’s called ABUSATOR”. The 2manydjs did an edit, and over the next year, that Sweetlight record was an anthem that we all played EVERYWHERE, one of those records that never let’s you down, one of those tracks that makes your job as a DJ very easy. So good it makes you lazy.

Then last year at Sonar, I went to hear them play live, and right before their set I met them, and met Julien and he gave me a CD with some new stuff on it. By ACCIDENT, he gave me a CDR with all his personal stuff as well….and I fell madly in love with one of those songs…..and now after a worldwide legal battle, hundreds of emails, a million rocked parties and a few broken hearts, I am very proud to present “Le Grand Sommeil”

I don’t know so much about him, but French people tell me Etienne Daho is a big deal…..and this track is a rave-trance-poptravaganze featuring a big chunk of a famous Daho song. Now I know a lot of you don’t like trance or pop or French people….BUT trust me…this is magic. I have been playing it last in my sets all year and it is pure modern trance romance……it is the future and the past all rolled up into one.

And then, just when you are reduced to tears of joy on the dance floor….the b-side brings a gorgeous guitar driven late night New Order lite love-jam to ease you down gently

I liked this record so much, I re-launched my label for it.