Turbo 032


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I met Andi in cyberspace. In fact I have no idea what he looks like. He might be incredibly tall. He might be a dwarf. That is the modern miracle of the cyberweb, you can sign artists without meeting them. And then years later you can find out you have a dwarf on your label.But after getting his contacts from Boys Noize, and after hearing his tracks, I was sold….i was convinced….this mystery man had stolen a piece of my heart.

d.i.m.’s first 12inch on Turbo is called “Sysiphos” and it’s (get ready for typical crap “journalist” speak) a fucking great techno record. No vocals, no big weird hooks, no “clever” gimmicks….just a pure groove, a dirty bass and some great programming….BUT when you play it, you get it….because it causes a sonic Tsunami that is even more devastating than a real Tsunami.

The b-side is called NOIZE, and when I played it at a show in San Diego they actually had to raise the national Homeland Security rating to “Dancefloor Code Orange” because people were dancing so fast that somebody’s shoes caught fire.

If you don’t love this record it’s obvious you don’t love FREEDOM.

FREEDOM to get down!!!!!