Turbo 033
Tomas Barfod
Basement Music

Release Date:


For most of my life, the only two Danes I knew were: GREAT Danes, those big dogs…and that big Danish goalkeeper. Then I started Djing all over and meeting lots of Danes. One of them was Tomas Barford, a genius, who makes so much good music I have trouble keeping track. He’s involved in WHOMADEWHO, he is TOMBOY, and he does more solo stuff as well. When I got a demo CD I freaked out and tried to sign all the tracks…..and this first 12inch on Turbo is the fruit of my labour (or I guess HIS labour).

4 tracks of magic, groovy house music. Moody, building trance-house. Chopped up funk-disco.

I could try, like an idiot, to write more things like :
funk-filled-groove-injected-modern-post-disco-house-bombs…. Or things like “aphex-twin shares a drum machine with etienne de crecy in a 70’d era duplex in chicago”

Or I could just tell you a story about how I was at a hotel gym in LA, minding my own business, playing these tracks on the “ghetto blaster”, trying to decide which ones I liked best…when in walks……MICHAEL DOUGLAS!!!!! ….and after “grooving” for a few minutes tells me “this music is great, man”

Don’t trust me….trust Michael Douglas: movie-star, oscar winner and SEX addict…..he LOVES Tomas Barford.