Turbo 034
Boys Noize
Erole Attakk


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For most of the past 2 years, Boys Noize records have saved my life as a DJ. Without his remixes of “Spacer Frau” and Bloc-Party I might be unemployed. Almost every DJ I know, from 2ManyDJs to Thomas Von Party, has at one time or other felt the saving grace, the redemptive power of a BN record dropped at the right time. His unique mixture of ( blah blah blah) rave sensibility, rock edge and techno purity (??????) provides the dancefloor equivalent of a “get out of jail free card”.

SO….. When I had the chance to sign a record to Turbo, I freaked out. We sent the private jet to pick him and his lady up and within hours we were walking through my mountain retreat’s private gardens and bird-sanctuary. We smoked a joint. He threw a big stick and my hound chased it and brought it back to him. It should be noted that when I was on the verge of signing Tiesto….my hound REFUSED to bring the stick back, thus dooming the deal. It was obvious that we were born to work together. My dog is one of the finest A&R dogs in Canada.

The three track 12inch maxi single you hold in your hands is the result of hours of work.

The a-side is Erole Attack, my least favorite, but I have to admit it destroys parties. It is an homage to a certain Mr. Erol Alkan. It’s like pub-techno, complete with big riffs and cut up vox. The b-side features “I go raven”. By my calculations, when I was actually “raven” , BN was 9 years old. Last is the brilliant “haldern” a deep, growing, moody electro-techno epic which even features live “water-splashing” sounds that were recorded at 7 different beaches on each continent.

Planet Earth…….Turbo gives you BOYS NOIZE.