Turbo 035
Destroy EP

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Great moments in Russian art:

– April 15, 1869: Leo Tolstoy submits final installment of WAR AND PEACE
– June 8, 1985: Mikhail Baryshnikov stars in the chronically underrated WHITE NIGHTS
– September 6, 1997: French musician Jean Michel Jarre connects directly to MIR spacestation during concert for 3.5 million in Moscow
– January 16, 2006 Alexander Mikhailovitch Ovechkin scores what is considered the greatest goal in NHL history against the Phoenix Coyotes

– September 19,2006 Tiga receives copy of DESTROY by The Proxy, mysterious
young Russian artist

From the ashes of the soviet empire, from the flames of history, rises THE PROXY. Post 9/11 rave vibes cloaked in Muscovite angst. The future and the past rolled up in one caviartastic sonic ICBM… InterContinentalBallisticaMazingtrack. The proxy were discovered in the myspace, while Thomas Von Party was listening to EVERY song on earth at once in the datasphere. When his finely tuned Hotboy ears caught the shockwaves of the opening tones of DESTROY… he felt the tension of Central Asia released, and knew immediately, in fact he knew PRE-mediately to contact THE DOVE. I received the binary files and listened in the comfort of my A&Rmobile. It was immediately clear that Von Party had detected an acoustic WMD (Weapon of Mass DOPEstruction) and that if handled correctly these 6.55 minutes of aural Xanadu could lead to untold riches. The stage was set. Oliver Interactive was put on the case: a contract sent by fax to the The Interior Ministry Of Getting Down based in Vladivstok, and soon, THE PROXY were signed to Turbo.

The “hot wax” you now hold in your hands is the debut dance single by THE PROXY aka Yevgeny aka “the Russian Kid”. 3 tracks of nouveau pub-techno in a Moscow stylee. Already being championed by DJs as shockingly diverse as EROL ALKAN AND 2Manydjs, the lead single DESTROY might be the best Russian song ever made.

From Creamfields in Argentina (where I performed for almost 350 000 0000 people) to Cocoon Club in Frankfurt this has been one of the biggest records of the night. Just buy it, it makes your life so much easier; in fact if you just had like 4 other records like this and then just played some of your
own old hits, you could totally base a career around that and just keep playing that way always.

Not much is known about the enigmatic PROXY or how he learned to drop his KGBeats, vague rumors exist about his being raised by Sturgeon on the Caspian…all we do know for sure is that he has a red rotary telephone and loves Plushenko.

As if that wasn’t all enough: Turbo has secured an exclusive RIOT IN BELGIUM remix for the b-side. An incredible interpretation that adds that special “let’s drive our car off the cliff” Aussie vibe that we have come to love and fear. Be warned, this mix will literally turn whatever party you are playing into the most magical night of your life (professionally). I can’t believe this track is yours FREE when you buy the other side of the record.

I MUST be going crazy…..

But before I do…remember it’s time to feel the surge of an unbridled, voracious new market economy translated into neo-rave pub-techno.

Chekkhov it out…you wont be Dostoevskapointed!!!!!

I think Yevgeny said it best:

“I am afraid to be late! But necessarily there I shall!”

Enjoy forever

Tiga, Montreal, late november