Turbo 037
Airbus Baby EP


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Hot on the heels of his Grammy nominated single “Sysiphos” , the mysterious d.i.m. returns with an even more good second 12inch on the newly profitable Turbo Recordings. “Airbus Baby” is a lethal techno weapon that must be handled with care, and the first track to sample “crows” since the shamefully underrated “Crow-Dance” by the Dutch rap-metal outfit Ruud Hollywood.

In truth, i don’t even know what d.i.m. looks like…. he might even be really hairy….in which case he would never have been signed to my label….. i also don’t even know what his voice sounds like, he might be a “low-talker”….for all i know he could be like the German version of Gregory Hines (R.I.P.)…. but what i do know is that every few months he sends us a track of dancefloor-napalm that fuses cut-up-nu-rave with Teutonic-tech-wave…all while STILL maintaining a subtle Minimal-flava….AND a Midimal-vibe, and trust me that’s not easy to do.

The main cut is “Airbus Baby” an emotional journey through something. I debuted this track at Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and it caused such carnage I thought I might be tried at the International Groove-Crimes Tribunal for
Crimes Against Dancefloor Sanity ; Sven Vath BEGGED me for a copy, but I said no…not YET Sven, these radioactive rythms are still too “unstable” my brother, this dancefloor-dioxyn needs time to settle. I don’t think he
actually was listening.

After the mega-selling (and often sampled) “Sysiphos” (check 2ManyDJs incredibly relevant mash up” “Sysyphosympathy For The Devil’s Haircut”) , the braintrust at Turbo knew it would take a special package to follow up……so we needed a b-side. That’s when he sent us “Frogger”…… and that’s when i said “Ribbbip, Ribbip”. This sonic Amphibious attack can rock land…..AND water based parties. This B-side is PURE “B-Side”!!!!

so that’s it….2 amazing tracks of modern techno, by a mysterious genius….all packaged in the new Turbo 2007 artwork, made with love in sunny Montreal, via Germany…..delivered to you almost-free of charge.