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If you don’t understand Chromeo it’s obvious you are a racist. Only racists and deaf people are immune to the Montreal duo’s funky funk. But because everyone at Turbo can both hear… AND believes in racial harmony and equality for all; we dig chromeo….and are proud, nay humbled, to “drop” their first single off the desperately anticipated second album: Fancy Footwork.

What makes this ‘footwork’ so fancy you ask? Racist scum…step the fuck off and open your heart to the finest distillation of Minneapolis groove since Mazarati. The Chromeo boys are back in the O-Sept to heal the fractured soul of dance music. Teenage lovers, 20 something blogpoders, 30 something burn-out ex-raver “graphic designers” and 40 something afro-americans can all finally party under one roof… and that roof has a name, AND that roof is on fire, and the only ones who can put out that funk-fire also happen to be the guys the roof is named after: CHROMEO

That’s right, these funk-firemen were the “first ones in” when the twin towers of the World Funk Center were under attack; armed with nothing more than their groove-hoses, P’s highly flammable neru-blazer and Dave’s easygoing demeanor……they were on the front-lines of blackness when the rest of the world was buying “Jagged Little Pill”.

While you were doing your first E they were at a Hall N Oates show.

While you were dancing to Fischerspooner in a limo, they were listening to Al Jarreau in a Porsche 924 with fake Gemballa spoilers. and while you were wearing t-shirts that say “I’m a BITCH”…they were getting their fuck-on. My point is……they live this shit: modern dance funk with a Zeppelin edge and a bad attitude…and a badder wardrobe…and the baddest slow-jams.

Here’s the story so far. Two men from two worlds meet one day in montreal…….and despite all the odds, they bridge the religious divide, all in the name of making bad-ass sex music. Local talent scout Tiga (me) hears the rumors and signs them to Turbo Recordings. They release 2004’s “She’s In Control” to mass critical acclaim, decent sales and a maniacal cult following. The years pass. The legend grows. They do mix-cds for Eskimo, remixes for Ed Banger, yada yada yada, they play at Kelly LeBrock’s birthday party, do the original score for the feature film “Don’t Even Go There!”….and then in 2007 BOOM……”hi, Tiga…yeah it’s ready….oh yeah it’s GOOD, maybe TOO good….let’s mix it with Zdar and then release it ….Yeah” And that’s how it went down.

The first single off the album is Fancy Footwork (or FAFO for short) a thrilling, catchy, perc-driven , feel-good, summertime, mini-club jam.

AND…. because the braintrust at Turbo are basically into giving away incredible music almost for free…..we came up with a new concept: we commissioned “remixes” of the track; we asked other recording artists to reinterpret, or “remix” FOFA using the original soundfiles, but adding their own unique and personal recording styles. The results were shocking!!!!! 11 year old French wunderkind Surkin delivers  probably the best mix he has done since he turned 9. Then it’s off to Barfod….who wanted to do this mix so badly he agreed to our unusual request of forcing all our remix artists to respect our “only one “R” allowed in your last name policy”. That didn’t stop him from spinning a web of DANE-gerous disco destruction….it’s DOPE-N’-hagen! Finally what story of racial tension would be complete without a german….thats’ right, Turbo brings out the Dance Panzer (note: Turbo is in NO WAY making any connections between our artist dim and the Third Reich….we really don’t think the Third Reich has ANY place in 12inch promo-mailer sheets) to unleash a FunkKrieg on the western, eastern and southern funk-fronts. the mysterious dim delivers a V2-groove missile that takes aim at all bigotry and inequality….and at the same time makes people go nuts.

so that’s it: Chromeo the band reborn…..the sex, the beats, the dream, the suits, the gloves, the laughs , the tears, the past and the future. All rolled up into one big “blunt”….smoked up  thru P-s talkbox and exhaled into your brain.

ENOUGH!!!! just go buy this ….or are you a Nazi?

love from montreal