Turbo 039
Dahlbäck & Dahlbäck
Sweden 10 - Finland 0


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Jesper Dahlback


I don’t have much to say about the Dahlbacks.
Jesper is one of my best friends, even though he is a serious pain in the ass.
John made 6 records in the time it took you to read this sentence….and he just turned 11.

Every once in a while they take about 40minutes out of their hectic schedule (John stops making records…to make a record, while Jesper take s a break from the grueling demands of being a condo association manager) to make a record for Turbo. In all honesty i think they give me the tracks they forgot about…..cuz you know if they really LOVED them they would keep them for their own lame labels.

The truth is that i could write some crazy shit about how Jesper built his studio in a hollowed out Panzer that he bought on ebay…… or how John ONLY eats carrots…..or how Jesper and me both raved at Love Parade 93….or even how John can make a track with wood and some string…..I could go into the details of Jesper’s mindblowing production career (The Persuader, Lenk, DK7, Murder Was The Bass, and most of my tracks)….or John’s own rapidly expanding sonic empire…….BUT i am too tired and bored to keep writing this and i know they don’t care and i need to do other things before i go insane.

So, instead i leave you with the music. 3 tracks that prove AGAIN that somehow, against all odds, when you put cousins in a studio they bring out the best in each other. Jespers maverick genius and time-honed wisdom tempers John’s youthful passion and naive exuberance…..while John’s youngbrain redefines the game and reenergizes the old master. The two cousins locked in a dance that continually blurs the lines between student and teacher….a sonic sibling rivalry…..a musical match with one clear winner….YOU!!!!!

and me.