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Chromeo, Proxy


I hate fucking Press Releases. Why? Because they are filled with lies, lies and bullshit and lies.
So here at Turbo I have pioneered a new style… and I like to call it the Truth. With that in mind I would like to tell you something about the record you now hold in your hand… and let’s see if you can even HANDLE the motherfuckin truth!!!!!!

Here goes nothing….

I am really busy and I hate writing this shit. I have my OWN shit to do, like a new mixCD or remixes or cataloging my books or starting my new album…..why do I waste this time on all these other fools on my stupid label….what the fuck am I doing in my basement pouring out my guts, all my creative juices for this, for what??? Oh man… ok, Chromeo??? Sure here goes…. Blah blah blah…..funk…. Blah blah… sex… blah blah jew and arab pals… minneapolis, yada yada, crazy hahahahahahha, clever, clever.

New single called TENDERONI……i love the song. Makes me dance. Killer bassline, serious groove. Groove. Funk. Groove. YEAH!

It’s my second fave on the album. Mixed by Zdar. It’s a funk bomb. There’s that word again. We needed remixes and we spent so much time on it….oh man, it’s SOOOO annoying! Why isn’t there just a machine you can drop the track into and it comes out with remixes.I should list all the people that ALMOST did remixes…..

We got Proxy to remix it, cuz he’s Russian and on Turbo, and he’s the future,and it was a great way to hype him up and save some cash…..BUT that does NOT mean that the mix is a compromise…in fact it is my favorite remix in ages….total rave-pop-bomb. I LOVE it so much…. but maybe it could have been louder. I also think this is proxy’s first ever remix….a piece of legitimate musical history can be yours for under 10euros.

Then there is the Etienne De Crecy mix that is totally “Etienne” while still managing to be surprisingly “Crecy”.

See- the truth is a bitter pill… want more? I own Morcheeba records…..still want more……Steph from soulwax thinks Alanis Morisette has “incredible eyes”……you want the truth??? You cant HANDLE THE TRUTH.

I think that’s it… I don’t have to still tell you about Chromeo, because by now you all know.

Nobody is still even reading.

Wah wah wahhhhhhhh