Turbo 042


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It takes a special kind of man to rock manshirts in a packed nightclub, just ask Oliver Interactive. But to rock white flowing manshirts with collars touching your shoulders, and to leave the stomach buttons open???? Any old bitch can rock a zip-hoodie, but what kind of a Czar-Pimp can rock the dreaded, and long thought extinct…. 3-BUTTON Hoodie.

Yes thats right capitalist western swine…… I have seen the future recently and his name is PROXY. last time i wrote to you….it was all propaganda, lies, myth and, yes i admit, mostly my own imagination. All i knew then was Proxy was russian and came from a place called myspace. But now i bring you nothing but FACTS. On the back of his acclaimed first EP (that sold so many copies our sales tracking mainframe broke down, and we have been forced to assume we sold millions) , and a string of Turbo Europa shows (that pretty much redefined the modern idea of performance), the world has been PROXIED. More importantly, over the past months i have seen behind the iron curtain…..and now know the real man behind the madness.

Let me paint a picture of how this mofo rolls:

BOOM, first time out of Russia……no big deal. Hook me up with a VISA, Von Party….. even if that means that i actually need a valid family name and my own birthdate.

English? who needs it…….. communication is highly overrated, unless of course you’re talking about communicating raw bass GROOVES of pure bass and treble to fools on the globes hottest dancefloors.

Next, rinse the Moscow Duty Free for an alarming amount of fruit candy and your own body weight in “Tropical Party” Mentos, grab some ill “Versini” shirts, and prepare to show Spain how (Yev)GENY from the BLOQ throws down.

you want PUNK ROCK?

while you decadent western pig-dogs take your laptop as carry-on luggage, Proxy does it RUSSIAN style: wraps that beeyatch up in a crisp white shirt and checks it, leaving room for at least 15 more rolls of “exotic fruit” wine gums and Coconut Mars in his carry on, because you never know when you might have to defect to a nation without sugar.

as for his live PA, lets just say who needs dance moves when you can have a single dance MOVE. That’s right…..if you watch closely, around the 29 minute mark, there is a slight twitch in the right shoulder that can only be interpreted as GETTING DOWN! let those bourgeois euro swine debase themselves with full body expression, while Proxy dilutes a lifetime of funk into a splinter of time. BAM.

I must admit, i was expecting to meet a vodka swilling , caeser-cut wearing, gold chain rocking RAVEPUTIN….but was pleasantly surprised at the mild-mannered and mysterious Evgeny…… but underneath that gentile facade lies a commie-club-nuking-techno-czar. DECOY takes off where DESTROY left off……forget NU-Rave, this is POST-NU-Rave, possibly even GLU-Rave…actually come to think of it this could even be the first reported sighting of G-Rave-XXJ 69. While i was not able to get in contact with Erol Alkan, Justice or 2manydjs (none of whom i know)….i can assure you this record is being caned by Francois K, Kerri Chandler, and oddly enough the entire Spiritual Life crew. We have also been getting massive radio support from the BBC*

On the b-side, Proxy pulls a trick out of nobody’s hat by naming the track incorrectly. Or at least thats what my primitive Cana-brain thought, eroded by years of simplistic north american linear thought…… at first, second , third, forth and fifth listens i was pretty sure the sample was “Ready To Rock”…… but i had missed a deeper meaning: “Watching” is the “NEW” Rock…… a potent statement on our voyeuristic society and on the hollow, corrosive, superficiality of Mother Russia’s newly moneyed elite. Powerful stuff from a powerful mind. Touché Proxy….Touché!

But alas, at least half of Turbo customers are not in it for the “politics”….. and for them i say: BUY this record, play it and feel the naive fury of the true spirit of 91**

love as always, this time from Munich


*selected BBC foreign affiliates: BBC Irkutsk-Yes, BBC Norilsk Mining Cooperative, and of course BBC Sakhalin Island Vibes.

**although his birth records were destroyed in a freak Denim-Bleaching chemical fire, Yevgeny Proxy is believed to have been born in 88, making him 3 years old when he learned to harness the “spirit of 91”